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Folding picnic set Berlijn

Foldable picnic table

Practical, modern and easy to store!

When using the MaximaVida foldable picnic tables, you will safe space without having to comprise on style. Unexpected extra guests? You unfold you picnic set, or beer set, and everyone can sit down. A win-win situation for houses, gardens or companies with limited space, but with a love for fun! They are also perfect for children’s birthday parties. The picnic set can be put down quickly so everyone has a seat. When the table or benches get messy, just wipe the surface with a cloth and everything is clean again.

Because of the different stylish colour combinations of wood and metal, we have turned this old fashioned beer table into a modern and practical eye catcher! Do you have two left hands or can you not be bothered to assemble the whole set? You only need to unfold your set once you have received it. Ideal for parties, activities on location are just as an extra seat. Stylish and easy to store!

Foldable picnic tables made from FSC (spruce)wood or plastic-aluminium

The foldable picnic tables of MaximaVida- also known as beer tables- are modern eye-catchers for every room thanks to the stylish combination of wood and metal. Especially when you add a decorative frame and a picnic table cushions we specially developed, essential for sitting comfortably! Our product range varies from picnic tables made of FSC (spruce)wood to plastic-aluminium picnic tables. All models come in lengths of 120 cm and 200 cm and can fold up completely.

The advantages of foldable picnic tables:

- Stylish addition inside and outside
- Practical with (unexpected) guests
- Easily folded and unfolded
- Low maintenance and easy to clean
- Decorative frame optional
- Several sizes and executions
- Delivery in NL, BE and DE 

Choices when buying a foldable picnic table

First, decide which colour has your preference. You can choose from black, olive green, whitewash, clear varnished.

The black and olive green foldable picnic sets, tables and benches are made for indoor use. Because of the colour, the way the tables and benches have been made combined with the extreme weather circumstances that we have had the last couple of years (extremely hot summers that were varied with heavy rainfall), these tables are not suitable for outdoor use.

Are you hosting a garden party or do you have unexpected extra visitors and you want to sit outside? Then the whitewash and the picnic set with clear varnish is a good option. They look good, they are easy to fold and unfold and easy to clean. Store the table, bench or complete set indoors after use to keep them in good condition for a long time. In addition, read the description of the material of the picnic table in question carefully, there you will find how to maintain them properly.

Are you looking for a foldable picnic table? Orders our sets directly on our website, then we will get to work for you!

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