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Two people having drinks at the folding picnic table Berlin whitewash

Foldable picnic table

Practical, modern and easy to store!

 Please be inspired by our completely new line of folding picnic table sets that can be used both in- and outdoors. Because its variation in stylish colour combinations and wood combined with steel, we have created a modern and practical eye catcher out of the old fashion folding tables! The benches and tables are available in two different sizes; 120 cm and 200 cm, and are both completely foldable. Very convenient to be used at activities and promotions on location, especially when your space is limited! Be inspired by the attached photo’s where you can see how the folding tables and benches can also be used indoors. Our folding sets only have to be unfolded after you receive them, you don’t need to assemble anything. We have several cushions available for the benches, whom are 5 cm thick. A finishing touch for the beautiful set!

In need of some happiness?

With the MaximaVida picnic tables a good summer is guaranteed. Delicious long dinners with friends. All nicely decorated with some of our cushions and the decorative frame that makes it look super nice. Besides our beautiful wooden picnic tables, we also have coloured picnic tables. This will make your summers even sunnier.

For the real colour lovers we have a yellow, a green, a blue and a pink picnic table. Together with a nice matching stool or side table, you can complete the look. Would you like a coloured picnic table in your garden, but prefer a slightly more neutral colour? Our white and black picnic tables are a good idea. A little less in sight but just as unique.

Is the summer over, but you want to keep that summer feeling? Of course you can! With MaximaVida you can bring the outdoors in and retain that summer feeling even in winter. Enjoying breakfast on a Sunday morning at our blue picnic table. Or rather the sunny yellow or spring green table? It doesn't matter for the summer feeling!

Small tip from us; always keep in mind that wood works. As you may know, wood is a hygroscopic material. This means that it adapts to the weather. Because of this, the moisture content and volume of the wood changes continuously. This can cause it to crack and cause irregularities in the paint layer. For some, this is the charm of the wood, but others would rather not see this. Do you prefer not to? Then take a look at our low in maintenance aluminium tables.


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