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Metal picnic table Brasil

Metal picnic table

Strong, cheerful and child-friendly

It is the ideal place to have some drinks or a barbeque with family or friends: our metal picnic table Brasil. A picnic table made of metal is harder, stronger and heavier then other materials like wood and aluminium. Plus, the Brasil table is coated, making it less vulnerable to weathering. These metal tables can be cleaned easily using some soapy water, which also makes them very friendly to maintain.

The round curves of picnic table Brasil not only give this table its modern look, but are also very pleasant when you are using the table. You can not hurt yourself on a sharp or pointy edge of the seat or table top, it makes this table perfect for families with children! The table also has an open entry which makes it easy for everyone to sit down. Picnic tables are also making an entry in offices more often, where they are being used as lunch tables. Do you already see yourself having a picnic outside with your colleagues during your lunch break?

Metal picnic tables in yellow, orange, green and black

The picnic table Brasil is available in the colours yellow, orange, green and black. All the colours make it easy for you to find the table that matches with your interior, garden or restaurant. The table has an open entrance for easy entrance for everyone. Another advantage: even though the picnic table is made of hard metal, this picnic table has rounded edges. This gives them a modern look, but above all it means there are not sharp points to hurt yourself on. This table is therefor terrace- and child friendly! Would you prefer a wooden picnic table or a foldable picnic table? We have it all!

The benefits of a picnic table made of metal:
- Ideal for indoor and outdoor use;
- Various colours to choose from;
- Child-friendly because of the round edges;
- Fixed and separate (3 piece) available;
- Easy to maintain;
- Suitable for consumers and hospitality.

Need an extra seat quickly?

Your choice is made and you have received your coloured picnic table. You are very happy with it, but you could do with some extra space every now and then for your guests. Take a look at our coloured garden furniture range Max. This furniture is made of the same material and available in the same colours as our Brasil picnic tables. This product range consists out of a metal garden chair, a garden bench wit hand without a backrest, a garden table in 2 sizes and a stool. You can place two Max stools on both ends of the Brasil picnic table and you have easily created 2 extra seats. The furniture have the same child friendly curved edges as the picnic table and just like the picnic table, the whole Max range is practical and does not require much maintenance. Ideal to combine with!

Furthermore, our foldable picnic sets are perfect to use when you host a party; they can easily be tidied away when you don’t need them anymore. The foldable picnic sets, or beer sets as they are being called as well, are available in various sizes and colours. We have the standard clear varnished set, we also have a black, an olive green and the Scandinavian whitewash colours. You can order the complete set, but you can also just order the table or benches seperately. All parts are already assembled, so they are ready to use once you have received them.

A small piece of advise from us; tidy your set away once you have used it outside. Wood may warp and the layer of paint can start to crack due to weathering. They fold up easily thanks to the click-system in the frame. Folding it up and storing it inside will prevent this from happening and you will enjoy your set for a long time!

Maintaining your Brasil picnic table

Metal is sustainable and resistant to different weather conditions. That makes Brasil the ideal picnic table for indoor and outdoor use. And for the hospitality industry! The tables remain beautiful for a long period of time and only need to be cleaned with soapy water every now and then. That will lower the chances of corrosion by dirt and dust. Have you damaged your table? We will advice you to treat the damaged surface with Hammerite or a lacquer marker. Rust formation can unfortunately never be ruled out with metal outdoor products.

The picnic tables can be ordered directly in our webshop. You can assemble the set in 45 minutes after delivery (an average of 2 to 3 working days). Start enjoying!

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