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Christmas spirit at home

The Christmas season, we love it. A festively decorated house and a beautifully set table instantly give you that fine, lavish Christmas feeling. What will your Christmas table look like this year? Whatever style you choose, our Babs decorative frame is super handy to easily transform the dining table into Christmas spheres.

Babs is available in black, white, olive green and gold!
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Let's do business

Are you an entrepreneur or a company that is curious about the possibilities for larger projects? Then please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the link below and fill out our contact form. Of course, you can also give us a call!

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Ideal cabinet layout

At MaximaVida we enjoy improving things. We are always looking for new applications for our products for example. Discover our new cabinet system that allows you to be flexible in furnishing your locker wardrobe Finn and determine your ideal layout yourself!

Read more about our locker cabinets...

In the spotlight

Feast your eyes

Welcome to MaximaVida

Discover our products, styling tips and inspiration!

MaximaVida is the online shop for colourful furniture for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. We like to add extra colour to the everyday things in life. We make 'ordinary' furniture special by adding colour to our products, make them multifunctional or provide various combination possibilities. Chairs that can be used indoors as well as outdoors for example, or picnic tables in different colours!

At MaximaVida everyone can develop their own style, which is why you won't find completely styled houses and gardens with us. We will show you how you can make your own table or cabinet uring our table legs or how to decorate your garden. But most of all, we invite you to give it your own twist! With our unique products, styling tips and inspiration you can create your own style in no time.

Take a look at our products that we have developed especially for you. Together we give life colour!



Suzanne & Jeroen

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Need some space for your wine collection?

For that, our wall cabinets Chicago are perfect!

Quickly see all wall cabinets
"Our black locker cabinet looks perfect in the kitchen, ideal for putting away our cookbooks"
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Hanne from Utrecht

Products designed for Living

Ordinary products but multifunctional & special!

The MaximaVida range consists of furniture for indoor and outdoor use, picnic tables and accessories. Because we have been manufacturing our own furniture for more than 20 years, we now have an enormous amount of product knowledge. During the product development process, we spend a lot of time on the choice of materials, the right dimensions, the packaging and the applications. We are therefore genuinely proud of the products that ultimately carry the MaximaVida label!

We develop these products with our regular manufacturers, with whom we have often worked with for over 15 years. These relationships are very important to us; they are the basis of our success with their knowledge and passion for their products. And because we have direct contact with the manufacturer, we can offer you a beautiful product at a reasonable price!

For a long time, we have been getting our products from all over the world to the Netherlands. Therefore, we know very well how to package and ship the products so that they are delivered to your home as affordable and damage-free as possible. If you prefer to be at ease, you can easily order our products online. On our webshop you can easily see how many items we have in stock. Because MaximaVida buys the products itself and we have our own stock, you can often have them delivered the next day. Of course, you can also choose the delivery day that suits you best. We deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but we can also send a picnic table to Italy.

Our team is ready for your to answer questions about the product, to help you assemble it if you are having problems or to search for a package if it has not yet been delivered to you. If you are an entrepreneur or a company and you would like to order our products and you have specific wishes, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email to discuss the possibilities!

Would you like to see our products in real live before you purchase them? Because we are an online company, we do not have an extensive showroom. Besides our OUTLET we have a select number of picnic tables and (garden) furniture on display. You can schedule an appointment to visit us viacalendly. Are you looking for a specific product in particular? Please call us first to check whether we have the product in question on display before you schedule an appointment online!

At MaximaVida we enjoy life and that is also the starting point for developing our products. We hope that you too will enjoy your MaximaVida purchase! Of course we prefer to offer your order as a gift, complete with wrapping paper and bow, but the most important thing is that the products arrive undamaged. Not satisfied? Call us or send us an e-mail, and then we can find a suitable solution together.

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