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Garden bench cushions

5 cm thick comfort!

Apart from being very comfortable, our garden bench cushions bring colour to your garden with their beautiful colours and prints. The 5 cm thick garden bench cushion has two strings at the back that can be used to fasten the cushion onto your bench. Most of our bench cushions are water repellent, very practical to clean when someone accidentally spills a drink over it or with a little drop of rain.

All our garden bench cushions are available in the following sizes; 120 cm (2 persons), 150 cm (3 persons) and 180 cm (4 persons). And are also available as picnic table cushions and/or decorative cushions, ideal when you want to combine the cushions!

Be comfortable!

As you probably already know, we at MaximaVida like to have fun. A nice evening with friends or a delicious dinner in the open air. We love it! But for these evenings to last as long as possible, you must be able to sit comfortably. And that is why we have developed a beautiful line of picnic table cushions especially for our picnic tables and beer table sets. A wide range in different colours and patterns, so there is something for everyone.

The cushions all have a thickness of 5 cm so you can sit very comfortable. To ensure that you can use our cushions outside, most of them are water repellent, so they can easily be left outside overnight. This is also ideal if your children have just had a swim in the pool. They can sit down on the cushion without havy to worry about it getting wet. Does the weather suddenly change? Then it is wise to bring the picnic table cushions inside.

But do not be limited by the idea that you can only use the beer bench cushions outside. They also look great indoors and brighten up your home. A nice beer table set in the children's craft room looks just a bit nicer with a few colourful cushions on it, doesn't it? Plus, the children are more comfortable sitting on a cushion, which means you can enjoy your rest a little longer as well.

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