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metal garden fence Lichtenvoorde

Garden fence

A stylish made-to-measure fence

According to us, a garden fence is more then an enclosure of your garden; the correct garden fence contributes to the appearance of your house and garden. That is why at MaximaVida you will find a wide range of (ornamental) fencing for a stylish fence, made to measure! If you have a more modern home, then our black garden fence Lichtenvoorde will probably fit perfectly. If you live in a more classic house, for instance a beautiful 1930s house, then our green, more traditional Utrecht garden gate model maybe is the right match. Thanks to our range, you will find the right garden fence with garden gate for every garden.

Choose your favourite style garden fence, calculate what you need and order it together with the assembly sets. Our fences are delivered from our own stock, so you can start installing your fence very quickly!

Assemble your own garden fence at MaximaVida

With our range of garden fences, gates and accessories, you can easily and quickly create your own fence for your garden. Have you spotted your favourite fence already? With these three steps, your garden fence can be placed in no-time!

1.     Choose the fence that you like best or that suits your garden or house best;
2.     Calculate jow much fencing you will need, including accessoiries and gate(s). We have made it easy for your with our calculation tool;
3.     Order everything for your garden fence, including the assembly sets, in our web shop.

Please note: we do not provide 100% custom- made garden fencing, so your calculation may not work out exactly.

Different styles of garden fences and gates

Different styles of garden fences and gates

Not one garden is the same. A standard garden fence is therefor not an option. That is why you will find a wide range of metal garden fences and metal gates in several colours and different styles. Is garden fence Lichtenvoorde a true match with your house? Or is garden fence Utrecht the perfect match with your garden? Thanks to our product range, you will find the right garden fence for every garden.  

Why would you choose a MaximaVida garden fence?

·       Made to measure;
·       Different styles, sizes and colours;
·       Hot-dip galvanised and coated;
·       Easily placed in any garden.

Ordering the garden fences and the maintenance

Ordering and maintaining your garden fence

When you order a garden fence at MaximaVida, you can either choose to collect it at our warehouse or have it delivered with one of our carries DPD, Dachser or TSN Groen. Are the fences in stock and have you ordered in time? Big chance you will receive your garden fence that same week!

Once the garden fence is in your garden, we recommend you to clean it with some soapy water made with washing-up liquid, every 6 months to protect the coating. When your garden fence is slightly damaged, we recommend you to use either Hammerite or a lacquer marker in the same colour as your fence.

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