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Dining chair

seating comfort and ambience!

The importance of good chairs cannot be underestimated. Of course you want the chair to look nice and match the rest of your interior, but it is also important that it is comfortable to sit in. That's why we're happy to help you make the right decision. Do you have a smaller dining table or a nice round dining table? Then our Maxime is a good choice. Maxime is a somewhat narrower chair, which, thanks to the round backrest, is very comfortable to sit in. Besides, the chair is available in different colours, you can choose for yourself! Do you have a Burgundian circle of friends who love good food and a lot of fun? Then you probably have a large dining table. Our Max and Delhi chair are perfect for that! Both chairs have a wide seat and a broad backrest, which makes for a great seat. The rattan chair provides a nice natural look and the Max chair brings a lot of joy with its beautiful colours. Can't choose? Then combine them into a colourful collection of colours and materials!

Looking for a table to match?

You have found your dining chairs, but a dining area isn’t complete without having a dining table. As this is one of the most important places in your home, a good dining table cannot be left out. Enjoy you breakfast together with you family to have a good start of the day.  After a long working day, you end the day here too. Whilst enjoying a good meal. You therefor need a sturdy table and large enough for the whole family.  
Besides the fact that your table needs to be practical, you also want it to look good. A beautiful dining area is also a nice addition to your interior. We would like you to use your own creativity and therefore we, at MaximaVida, do not offer standard dining sets. Use your own creativity by combining different things. 
One of our favourites is the oak wooden dining table with industrial table frame. A beautiful robust table that, due to its natural colours, can be placed in nearly every interior. The advantage of this table is that the frame is on the side of the table. It doesn’t matter where you would sit, the frame won't bother you. This automatically means that you can use the maximum amount of space on your table. The table comes in three different sizes. So, depending on the size of your group of friends and/or family, you can choose the table that suits you best.  To top it off, you can find our dining chairs here. 

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