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Photography, styling and blogs!

At MaximaVida, we like everyone to develop their own style, which is why you won't find completely styled houses and gardens with us. We like to show you how you can make your own table or cabinet with our table legs or how you can decorate your garden. But we also love to share how you style our products in your own home or garden. Scroll down for more info on our styling & photography and our socials or click through to our Blogs for tips & tricks, DIY suggestions and other ideas to help you develop your own style. But most of all, we invite you to give it your own twist!

How to style our products?!

We love that everyone can develop their own style, which is the reason why you won’t find completely styled homes and gardens at MaximaVida. We would like to show you how you can create your own table or cabinet by using our table legs or how you can decorate your garden tastefully. What we also like very much, is to see how you style our products in your own home and garden. Keep an eye on our social media channels Instagram and Pinterest, here we share our own inspiration and your creations. But we mostly like to invite you to use your own imagination!

Our furniture in the spotlight

In order to get the clearest possible picture of our products, we make so-called packshots. We place the product in front of a white background and highlight it with lamps. We then take photos of the products from several sides and angles. We also make detailed photos from specific parts we would like to emphasize for our customers, such as adjustable feet under a table. We do this so that you can properly view a product online before you purchase it.

Packshot of our TV locker cabinet

Styling pictures starring our furniture

We also take styling photos of our products. Many of our styling photos are taken at so-called, photo locations. We prefer to use a house or garden where people actually live. We do this to give you a realistic picture of what the products will look like in your home or garden. Therefore we organise photo shoots several times a year. The location varies, one moment we are guests at a restaurant and the next moment we are in the countryside at a farm!

Making our own styling pictures of the items

Your own house in the spotlight

Have you just renovated your house or do you spend a lot of time decorating your home or garden and are you super proud of the result?! Then you can participate in a photoshoot of MaximaVida. Twice a year we will make an appeal on social media asking if you want to participate in a photoshoot with your house or garden. In spring we will do this for our garden furniture and in the autumn for our indoor furniture. Take a look at below video and experience what we do when we have a photo shoot.

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