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Ochre yellow TV locker cabinet

TV locker cabinet

Snuggle up on the couch!

Our locker cabinets are a fun and practical addition to your interior! You might remember from school or perhaps you have used them at the train station? We have given those exact locker cabinets a new look which means they are a true asset to your living room. This low model is perfect to be used as a TV stand. Quick and easy you can put away the mess of the day and you can sit down on the couch and watch your favourite series!

We have 4 different models available in several colours, all made from metal. This makes the cabinets very easy to maintain. A quick wipe and the cabinet is clean again! And thanks to the slightly higher legs, you can easily vacuum under the cabinet. So you can crawl back onto the sofa as quickly as possible!

In need of some extra work-space?

Your tv-cabinet has been chosen and your living room is complete. And now you are looking for more work-space in the kitchen? We have a beautiful range of kitchen trolleys in various colours. White, black or a just beautiful wood, there will most likely be a colour that will look good in your kitchen.

We have a kitchen trolley with wheels and without wheels. So are you certain where you want to place it, and are you happy for the trolley to be part of your interior then it would be nice to leave it on one place in the kitchen. Or somewhere else in the house, that is also possible of course.

But when you have the trolley in mind as an extension piece of your kitchen worktop, or to use it when you serve your guests? Then perhaps the trolley with wheels is a better option for you. You can easily move it around. Is the weather gorgeous and would you also like to use it outside? Then our outdoor trolley might be a better option for you. Thanks to its zinc worktop it can be cleaned easily and is therefor ideal for when you are hosting a BBQ. Our Sergio is suitable for the real wood lovers that do not get scared of a knot, colour difference or a little wood crack.

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