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Coffee table frame Chicago

Coffee table frame

Do it yourself!

Isn't it lovely, snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket, the candles lit and snacks on the table? Essential for this is a nice large coffee table or several smaller tables. At MaximaVida, we have therefore developed a beautiful range of coffee tables. Especially for the DIY enthusiast, you can also order the coffee table frames separately. You can finally use that beautiful old top or get to work with mosaic tiles to create your own unique coffee table. We have various frames in different sizes and shapes, so there is something for everyone!

Why should you have a coffee table?

The answer to that is very simple, it is kind of weird to just have a couch and a tv standing in the room. Something would be missing. A logical choice would be a coffee table. A low table that usually has the same seat hight as your couch. This completes the look, adds some atmosphere to your interior and, of course, it is super practical. Your glass is much more comfortable on a table than when you have to place it on the floor.

Which coffee table would you choose?

You can start thinking about the shape of your coffee table. Would you like a round table, or would you prefer to have a square or rectangular table? And how many tables would you like? Coffee tables combine very well with each other. You often see 2 or 3 round coffee tables put together for example, that often vary in height and size giving it a playful look. Take a look at our round coffee table set Chicago for example. A modern set due to the black colour, but with a playful touch because the smaller table can slide under the large table. You have two options:

- Do you want to use the small table only when guests arrive?
- Or do you want to use both tables, and do slide the smaller table slightly under the large table?

Besides the round coffee tables, you also have the option to choose for a square Chicago set. Also in the same modern colour black, again with a large and smaller table. This again gives you the choice of using them both, or sliding the small coffee table under the big coffee table.

You’d rather not have a black coffee table? We also have our round coffee table set Kiev. The same modern metal black frame, but then combined with a beautiful natural oak wooden table top. Using this table top, will give your interior a natural look. The Kiev coffee tables can be combined very well with a few beautiful plants and other natural shades.

Would you like to keep it easy for yourself?

Then a laptop coffee table is just what you need. Thanks to the height of the table and the way the frame is attached, you can slide it over your couch, put your laptop on top and you can start working from you bench. Another option, which makes us very happy, is that you can also put other things on the table. A glass of wine with a few bites for example. You won’t need to change your position on the couch when you are watching something good on Netflix ;)

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