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Modern and colourful!

Starting the day in the morning in the sunshine, with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Sounds good, doesn't it! If you like a more modern look, a metal garden bench is a good choice. For this reason, we have developed our metal bench Max. The curves in the metal seat and backrest make the garden bench extra comfortable, which means you can sit comfortably on the bench for a long time. The bench is available in 7 colours, so there is always one that suits your taste. If you can't decide between wood and metal, our Budapest garden bench is a nice mix!

What are the advantages of a metal garden bench?

There is a wide range of garden benches. Wooden garden benches, metal garden benches or plastic garden benches. We’d love to explain the benefits of our metal Max garden benches below;  

·         Can be moved easily
·         Available in various colours
·         Low-maintenance
·         Extra high backrest
·         Extra wide seat
·         A little scratch can easily be repaired with repair spray
·         The curves in the backrest and seat give the bench extra seat comfort
·         You can make a complete set with our Max garden table and garden chairs.

The only disadvantage we can think of, is that rust formation can never be ruled out when this bench is used outside permanently. It is therefore wise to order the above mentioned repair spray with it. Treating a spot of rust with this spray, you sort of close the spot making sure it won’t grow any further and you will get the original colour of the bench back again.  

Does my metal garden bench need maintenance

Your metal garden bench does not require a lot of maintenance; clean it once a month with a little soapy water with washing-up liquid is enough. You will take the dirt of your bench and you protect the coating. It is sensible to bring you bench inside during the winter. You are outside a lot less yourself and you won’t use the bench as much. Do you not have the possibility to bring it in? Then a garden cover comes in handy. Of course you don’t have to protect your bench during the winter. Keep in mind that your bench is subject to all kinds of weather influences and will therefore always look less good than if you do protect it in the winter period.

Will it be a metal garden bench in your back garden or will it be a front garden bench?

A garden bench is always good, no matter where it is placed. You can use it at the dining table in your back garden or to fill up that empty space. A perfect spot to relax with a good book at the end of the day.

A bench in your front garden is always good too. Enjoying the sunshine with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Have a little chat with your neighbour or the postman that is passing by. Or at the end of the day to have a chat with people in the area. A bench in the front garden looks good, but also provides sociability. Especially when you have a unique bench in a happy colour. Our yellow ochre bench for example, a modern and unique design in a beautiful striking colour!

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