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MaximaVida stoelen geel Max dichtbij water met zonnebloemen

Garden set

Which style of garden furniture will you choose?!

There is nothing better than having breakfast or dinner outside on a nice summers day! Just like the decoration in your living room, your garden furniture will set the tone for your garden too. Make sure you know what kind of atmosphere you would like to create in your garden. Do you like a romantic style, or are you more into the robust design look. Our garden furniture sets can be found in different styles and you can mix and match just the way you like your furniture to be. Use our cushions for the finishing touch, at MaximaVida we have several cushions for chairs as well as benches.

Outside again!

Finally, the time has come that you can go outside again! Children can play outside and everyone is just a little more happier. You have just bought a new garden set at MaximaVida, but in all honesty you would prefer it when the kids don’t use that table to draw on for example. You don’t want these marks on the table.

That is when our picnic tables especially designed for the little ones come in! They look gorgeous in your garden and even in a play area in your house. These tables come in several colours, or just in its natural wooden colour and are the ideal tables for children to play on. The coloured tables have a very convenient storage space in the middle of the table. Perfect for putting away all the pencils and paper after using it.

Of course, the table can also be used to eat on. Are you friends coming over for a barbeque and will the kids come along too? How cool that the kids can dine on their own table! Prefect, don’t you think?!

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