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Enjoy a long diner!

Do you also like to play with your interior? That is exactly what we like at MaximaVida. No completely styled living rooms that you can copy, but the possibility to give your own style and your own twist to your interior. A good example of this are our table legs and table tops, which you can put together according to your own taste. For dining tables, we have already combined several options. We have beautiful robust wooden tops in different sizes and different types of wood. Combined with an industrial table base or a pair of industrial slanting legs, you will soon have your dining table. Dress it up with some nice accessories and your new eye-catcher is ready. Are you looking for extra workspace in the kitchen? Then also take a look at our Sergio worktable.

Our furniture

For both indoor and outdoor use

The boundary between indoors and outdoors is becoming increasingly blurred. In the past, there was no such thing as garden furniture, you would just put a dining chair outside if you wanted to sit in the sun for a while. Nowadays, the range of garden furniture is huge and varied. But because houses are becoming smaller and smaller, people are increasingly looking for practical, flexible solutions for furnishing their homes and outdoor spaces. We also notice this at MaximaVida. That is why we increasingly look to use materials and applications as flexibly as possible.

The furniture that is especially developed for MaximaVida is therefore multifunctional. Take our teak tables and benches, for example; they can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also customise this furniture by placing metal legs underneath. Our Max and Delhi chairs also look fantastic at a nice dining table or garden table. At MaximaVida you won't find completely styled houses and gardens, we believe that everyone likes to give their own twist to their interior. We are happy to inspire you with our styling, but invite you to let your hair down and create your own dining table with our table legs!

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