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MaximaVida Delhi rotan bankje voor de deur

Other garden bench

Enjoy the sun on a nice garden bench!

Are you new in the neighbourhood? Place a garden bench in your front garden and take a seat. Chances are that your new neighbours will start talking to you. A garden bench connects and ensures a good feeling in the neighbourhood. Something like; better good neighbours than distant friends. MaximaVida likes to contribute to that feeling and tries to offer a wide range of garden benches. Our façade bench for example, is a great option to contribute to that fraternisation in the neighbourhood.  

Have you placed your façade bench and does it get so fun that you need more space? Than our foldable plastic-aluminium picnic benches from the Hamburg range is idea. They are made from low-maintenance materials and easy to fold and unfold, so very easy to grab when you need extra seats. A lovely way to start blending in with your new neighbours?!

What should you bear in mind when you are buying a new garden bench?

Finally, it is that time again: It is the beginning of March and spring is making an entrance. Slowly, you start to get a bit of an orientation when it comes to garden furniture. What is it that you need? To be fair, everything is in a good state but it would be nice to find a bench to fill that one spot in the garden. Your search can start!

- Measurements: Once you know where you would like to have your garden bench, you take the measurements of that spot. Then you know exactly which size bench will be suitable.
- Material: There are many different materials available. Every material has its pro’s and cons. Be well prepared when you are not aware of them all. A wooden garden bench works very different to a plastic or metal garden bench.
- Purpose: How would you like to use your garden bench? Will it be decorative and will it get a nice spot in the garden, or are you planning in actually using it? Then you can also order order bench cushions to make it more comfortable. 
- Time of delivery: With everything happening in the world, many products are delayed and take a long time to arrive. The advantage of ordering at MaximaVida, is that all our products are in stock and will be delivered at your home within a few working days. You don’t have to wait weeks to receive your garden bench!

What are the benefits of a plastic garden bench?

Benefit 1: Wood appearance, properties of plastic
Plastic, but with the looks of wood. Beneficial is that it only has the looks of wood, which makes it low-maintenance. Besides that, it is resistant to moulds and insects, it does not splinter and there won’t be any resin.

Benefit 2: Plastic is a low-maintenance material
After a summertime gale, where sand has splashed right up against your plastic garden bench, it can easily be cleaned with some lukewarm water. When it is a bit more difficult to clean, add some all-purpose cleaner to the water. In this way, your plastic garden bench is clean in no-time. When your garden bench has been outside all winter and it can use a proper clean-up, you can use HG plastic cleaner for example. A good remedy to clean your plastic furniture with. However, storing you garden bench indoors when it is not being used, is even better. It doesn’t matter how well you look after your garden bench, they never get better when they spend a whole winter outside. We therefore advise you to store your garden bench indoors when this is possible.

What do you have to take into account when you buy plastic garden furniture?
The disadvantage of a plastic garden bench is that it can discolour when it is placed in the sunshine and it can warp slightly. Especially with the heat that we have had the past few years, it is something to take into account. Besides that, it can scratch or break when it comes into contact with hard materials and, due to the prism effect, glass can make the plastic so hot that it can leave burn marks. But to be fair; the heat that we have had the past few years can cause burn marks in more materials.

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