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Teak garden set Java

Wooden garden set

Naturally beautiful in every garden!

The perfect place to sit down and enjoy some fresh air? If you ask us, it would be a wooden garden set. At MaximaVida, we have a preference for the beautiful natural product of wood. Thanks to its natural characteristics, not one bench or table is the same and the wooden furniture blends in harmoniously with its green environment.

Do you prefer a romantic or modern style? Do you have a large terrace, a spacious lawn or a cosy balcony? You will find all sorts of wooden garden sets at MaximaVida, of which all benches, chairs and tables can also be bought individually, making it possible to create your own set however you like it to be.

Take a look at our range of wooden garden sets below and find your ideal outdoor furniture!

Wooden garden furniture for rustic gardens

Do you have a garden filled with flowers? Our Provence range is a sturdy, but romantic garden set which would not look out of place in a large garden, in-between flowers or on a terrace. Its rounded corners give the robust set a soft character. You can choose from various sizes and several combinations with chairs and/or benches. Do yuo have a large group of friends that you like to have drinks with? Then the 200 cm set with 2 benches is a good choice, because you can fit a lot of people on here! You can always order a few Provence chairs optionally, in case it gets really busy.

Are you looking for a garden set to be used on the terrace of your campsite or the veranda of your safari tents? The weight of the Provence sets combined with its sturdy build, make this the ideal garden set for your terrace!

Wooden garden sets for lovers of modern

Does sleek and modern have your preference? Then our garden sets Cannes, Delhi and Java might be more appealing to you. These mahogany wooden garden sets have straight lines, they don’t look as solid and are made of the kind of wood that is a better match with the modern style. The Cannes set for 2 or 4 people, is even foldable. Perfect for your modern garden or balcony!

Whether you are looking for a garden set with benches, directors chairs, round or square table, outdoor dining chairs or when you prefer a rattan-look; we have it all at MaximaVida. Do you really want to customise your garden set? Then add some cushions and other accessories!

Why would choose spruce-, mahogany- or teak wooden garden furniture?

• Natural look thanks to the use of wood;
• A robust, rock solid quality;
• No furniture is the same with a material like wood.

What one person sees as an advantage is a disadvantage for another. It is the same with a natural product like wood. Wood is alive, it works. That means it can expand and shrink, with consequences such as cracking, warping, resin formation, discolouration and mould. This gives furniture character, but is not appreciated by everyone. Not to worry! Does this not suit you? Then take a look at our metal garden sets.

Maintaining your wooden garden set

Is the good weather ending and cold days approaching? Time to take care of your wooden garden sets. Clean the set with our wood cleaner and apply oil. Once this has soaked in, you can easily store a foldable set like Cannes indoors during the winter season, but that does not apply to all sets. Put the other sets under the canopy and/or cover them with a garden cover. This way, you can enjoy your ideal garden set for years to come!

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