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MaximaVida Farm tuinset 170 cm 4 stoelen Houten tuinsets

Wooden garden set

Do you prefer country or modern?!

At MaximaVida, we have a preference for the beautiful natural product wood. Thanks to its beautiful natural characteristics, no two benches or tables are the same and it always creates a beautiful natural look in your garden.

For a beautiful, large country garden with many flowers, we would recommend our Provence series. It is a solid and sturdy set that will do well in a large garden, but thanks to its beautiful curves it will also be a perfect match in a romantic garden that is full of flowers.

If sleek and modern are a better choice of words for you, then our picnic bench Tallinn is a very good option. A modern picnic set that fits anywhere thanks to its natural wood colour. Apart from that, the set is easy to move so that you can always enjoy sitting in the sun! Do you still have a small corner left in your garden? Our mahogany director’s chairs and Cannes table can fill the spot nicely!

When would you choose for a wooden garden set?

Do you like robust and bolt, a natural look and does a little maintenance not scare you? Then a beautiful wooden garden set is a good choice for you. Because of its natural look, it blends in well in a garden full of flowers and plants. A wooden garden set will also look beautiful in a modern garden, it will create a beautiful contrast.

We have 3 different wooden garden sets that can be combined with each other in 3 different ways. You can choose from the Provence range, the Cannes range and Sunda range.

The Provence will look very beautiful in a gorgeous classical garden full of blossoming flowers. You can choose from various measurements and various combinations with chairs and/or benches. Do you have a large group of friends with whom you would love to have drinks with? Then the 200 cm set with 2 benches is ideal, you can sit many people on this set! You can optionally order a couple of extra Provance chairs with it, in case it gets really busy.

Would you prefer a smaller and more compact set, then the Cannes set with director chairs are a good solution. You can permanently place this one in that empty corner in your garden but because the chairs, as well as the table, are foldable you can also use it temporarily. This is actually ideal for the winter period. You can easily store the set, and once spring arrives, you can bring it out just as quick. This will expand the lifespan as well than of the set has to stay out all winter.

What would you do with your wooden garden furniture during the winter season?

Has the summer come to an end? Then you can start thinking about storing your wooden garden furniture. As we have mentioned before, the Cannes set can easily be folded up and stored inside. It is a bit more challenging for the Provence and Sunda garden furniture sets. Placing them under a canopy would be a great help in terms of weather influences. When you don’t have that option, a garden cover is a good option. When you use the garden cover in the correct way, you can start using your garden set immediately again once spring arrives!

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