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MaximaVida luxe houten kinderpicknicktafel Cura%C3%A7ao 100 cm oranje met opbergruimte

Picnic table for children

hours of fun guaranteed!

There is nothing better for children than having a bite to eat and playing together. That is exactly why we have invented picnic tables especially for our little ones! At MaximaVida we have 2 different models available, a mini version of our deluxe wooden picnic table and a coloured picnic table that was designed especially for us. You can choose from the colours white, green, blue, black and yellow. How good is it to give your children their own space in the garden by giving them a picnic table next to your own?! Then they can play and eat together. Besides that, they also look stunning at an indoor play area. They even have their own storing space!

Picnic tables for everyone

When we think of Curaçao we think of colours, cheerfulness, warmth and a lot of fun and that is exactly why our coloured picnic tables were given this name. The beautiful yellow table that emphasises the sun and warmth even more. Or the blue table, which reminds you of that azure sea from your last holiday, lovely, isn't it? If you are looking for several tables, you can create the ultimate Curaçao feeling by combining different colours. Let the summer begin!

Besides a number of happy colours, we also have the picnic table in black or white. Very nice to combine with a coloured table, but because of the colour they also look good in a modern garden.

Of course you can also use our picnic tables indoors. Are you, for example, decorating the new work area at your office? Then take a look at our white or black picnic tables. The white and black colour create a natural look that gives the room a peaceful appearance. You can let the cables of the laptops that go towards the power socket dissapear through the hole of the parasol, add a few cushions and plants and you have created a nice quiet space with plenty of seating.

If you live in the middle of town and think you have no room for a picnic table, our Riga balcony picnic table can be a nice solution. This table is suitable for 2 persons and can be used in many different places thanks to its size.

Would you like to order one of our coloured picnic tables? Please note that wood works and that this can affect the paint layer. Differences in temperature cause wood to shrink and expand. The paint that is used is water-based and therefore has a certain elasticity which means that you are less affected of the working of the wood and cracking of the paint layer. However, this does not mean that it can be prevented and it is possible that the paint layer will show cracks. The paint is therefore also available separately, so that you can get rid of the cracked layer of paint.

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