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The modern black coated metal garden fences Lichtenvoorde 80 cm

Metal garden fence black

Choosing a garden fence made of black coated steel

A black coated steel garden fence to dot the i’s of your garden. A stylish, stately fence that does not only offer you privacy and security, but also enhances the look of your house. Exactly, who doesn’t want that? Garden fence Lichtenvoorde made of metal is a timeless model with a modern design. Discover our beautiful black garden fence in our product range and customise it yourself!

Start calculating which fences and accessories you will need, using our calculating tool. Discover our product range below and choose your favourite style.

A black coated garden fence made of metal

You are looking for a garden fence that is sturdy, as well as stylish and elegant. A garden fence of black coated steel that is a perfect match with your house and garden. Safe, but still beautiful. That is why you can find the steel black garden fence in the style Lichtenvoorde in our webshop.

Choose the style that suits your house best, that matches your taste or your circumstances. Garden fence Lichtenvoorde does not have any pointy bits where children can get stuck, while the green coated garden fence Utrecht has the classical appearance. Choose your favourite garden fence and calculate how many fence pieces you will need!

The advantage of a black coated steel garden fence

·         Easy to combine;
·         Timeless and durable;
·         Customisable;
·         Low-maintenance;
·         Different sizes;
·         Hot-dip galvanised and black-coated;
·         Easy to place in any garden.

Ordering and maintaining garden fences

The MaximaVida garden fences are coated black. To keep them looking beautiful, we recommend you to clean the fences twice a year with soapy water made with washing-up liquid and a clean cloth. Is there a scratch on your garden fence? Then we recommend using either Hammerite or a black lacquer marker.

Will you order your garden fence today? Then you will have it delivered within 2 – 3 working days!

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