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Metal garden set Max cactus at holiday home

Metal garden set

Bring some colour to your garden!

Our metal Max family is complete! After chairs and benches in several colours, we have now added our latest addition; our Max table! So a logical next step is our beautiful new garden furniture sets Max. Our all-over famous Max chair, combined with our new Max table. Of course, the table matches perfectly with the chairs and benches, it has the same luxurious comfort and is made in the same practical way that you expect from us. The child-friendly curves of the table top for example, or the ease of the maintenance.

Apart from the practical characteristics of the metal Max set, it is also available in the familiar colours. Plenty of happy colours to brighten your garden up a little, but also beautiful black that fits well in your modern landscaped garden. Do you prefer a combination of colours? Of course the chairs and tables can be ordered separately too, so choose what suits you best!

Can your metal garden set stay outside?

Our cheerful max sets are a true asset to your garden, in terms of colour as well as comfort. The chairs own their XXL name for a reason! The seat is extra wide and the backrest extra high, which makes it very comfortable. The coloured furniture bring some extra joy to your garden. This can be a reason why you would like to leave you garden set out during winter season. Even though metal does not need as much maintenance as wood, we do recommend you to use a garden cover or store your furniture inside during the winter as well. Weathering will not improve the colour and the tiniest spot of rust could get worse during the winter period. The best would be to store your furniture inside. The advantage is that the Max chairs are stackable, which saves you a lot of space. When you don’t have the option of storing your furniture indoors, a garden cover is a good solution.

How do you maintain your metal garden furniture?

When you would choose for metal garden furniture, you will choose for a low-maintenance material. Ideal! The only thing you will need to do, is clean your furniture every now and then with some soapy water. By doing this, dirt and other aggressive substances have less chance of affecting the coating. And your metal garden furniture will maintain to look great!  

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