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Dining table

The centre piece of your house!

The dining table often is the centre piece of your house. Enjoying a long dinner with your family or friends, make you homework or having breakfast on Sunday morning. Most of the MaximaVida dining tables usually have been made from wood and can often be used indoors as well as outdoors. Our tables can be combined nicely with the chairs from our own product range but of course you can also use your own chairs.

What should you keep in mind when buying a table? In general, you can assume that a table of 120 cm to 160 cm is suitable for 4 people, tables of 180 cm and longer accommodate 6 people. Also pay attention to the height of your table top. A normal European height is 75 cm, but 80 cm is also more common. Before purchasing, measure the space between the table legs to make sure your chairs fit between them!

Do you also like to play around with your interior?

A minor adjustment, preferably by being creative yourself. That is exactly what we like to do at MaximaVida. We don’t have completely styled living rooms that you can copy from us, but the possibility to give your interior your own style and your own twist. A good example of this are our table legs and table tops. Do you find it difficult to start mixing and matching? We will give you a few tips to get you started.  
Most important to remember? It is your house and your style; you are the person who has to like it. In fact, you can do anything.  
Of course, it would be handy to know beforehand what you like exactly. What kind of table would you like? A dining table or perhaps a side table, or what do you think of using a bench? Are you a classical type or do you prefer industrial? Based on these answers you can already make a preselection. 
For dining tables, we have beautiful robust wooden table tops in different sizes and in different types of wood. Combined with an industrial table frame or a pair of beautiful industrial slanting legs, you will soon have your dining table. Decorate it with some nice accessories and your new eye-catcher is ready.

Are you looking for a temporary solution or do you like a lot of variety in your interior? In no time at all, you can turn a beautiful wooden plank into a new table or bench. Within 1 minute you have loosened the legs and put another table top in between.

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