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Wooden dining chair Maxime


Style and comfort as one!

Reading the newspaper in the morning, having lunch with your children in the afternoon and dinner with the whole family in the evening. You will probably do all this at the same dining area. So it is not surprising that this is an important part of your family and your home. Because you use it so often you want it to be comfortable, but you also want it to look nice.

At MaximaVida, you can create your own combination of wooden dining chairs in different colours. Our Maxime chair is a beautiful slim chair, available in green, brick red, warm orange, black, ochre yellow and clear lacquered. Maximus is a slightly larger model and this chair is available in mouse grey, soft green, ivory, powder pink, black and clear lacquered. Nice to make a playful combination of different models and colours, but also very stylish in 1 colour, for example with a beautiful round or oval wooden dining table.

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