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Picnic table cushions

For your beer bench and picnic table!

MaximaVida has designed a unique line of folding table- and picnic table cushions. The 5 cm thick cushions are available in several different prints; some cushions can even be used on both sides. All our cushions with the sizes of 120 x 27,5 cm, 180 x 27,5 cm and 200 x 27,5 cm can be used on the seat of you picnic table as well as the bench of your folding table set. The cushions that are 180 cm and 200 cm long have been capitonated (stitches in the middle) to make sure the fabric stays in position. Besides the several prints we also have a water repellent anthracite fabric available. These cushion can easily be left outside for the night. Especially for our square, round and oval picnic tables we have tailor made cushions that are 55 x 27 cm. These cushions can also be used on the backrest of our picnic tables. Cheers!

What size cushions do you need?

You have already found the right cushions for your picnic table, but to maintain the look of your garden, you would like matching cushions for your chairs and benches. Of course, we have thought of this at MaximaVida and have designed an extensive range of bench and chair cushions in the same designs.

Unique of our bench cushions is the variety in sizes that we offer. We have 4 different length sizes:
- 120 cm (suitablefor2 persons)
- 140 cm (suitablefor3 persons)
- 150 cm (suitablefor3 persons)
- 180 cm (suitablefor4 persons)

In addition, we also have plain cushions and cushions with a cheerful design, guaranteed to find something that you like.

You can just sit a little longer when you're on a soft cushion, which means that youre vening drink with friends can last just a little longer. You don't feel like bringing all the cushions in at the end of the evening? No problem, thanks to the water-repellent fabric, you can leave the cushions outside overnight. Are you expecting a heavy downpour?Then it's wise to bring the cushions in. Our garden chair cushions also have this water-repellent fabric and fit perfectly on our Max chairs, for example. Thanks to the cords on the back of the cushion, you can easily attach the cushions to the chair.

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