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Picnic table maintenance

How do you look after your table?

“How do I maintain my picnic table or garden bench?” is a frequent question that is often asked. Our answer is both effective as simple; “How do you value maintenance on your outside furniture?”. The value can differ per customer; where one customer doesn’t do any maintenance work on their outside furniture, the other prefers a clean and oiled bench or table. Our outside furniture is impregnated, therefore you can immediately place them outside without having to treat them any further. The furniture can be treated with oil after a few weeks or months. Furniture made out of hardwood can be treated with Bangkirai oil.

A few useful tips!

The choice is made and you know which picnic table will be in your garden this summer. To make sure you can enjoy your picnic table for as long as possible, we advise you to order a garden cover. We have a wide product range so there is a garden cover for almost every table.  
How you use your garden cover depends on the season you are in. In the summer you protect your table at night against a heavy downpour. Without having to store the cushion, you can throw the cover over your picnic table. The next morning you take the cover off again and you sit back and relax.  

Make sure there is good ventilation underneath the cover. For example, by placing an object in the middle of the table. This will allow air to circulate between the cover and the table top to prevent mould forming under the cover. This also ensures that less water remains on top of your cover. Especially if you intend to use the cover for a longer period of time it is important to remove the water that remains on the cover after a heavy downpour. The cover has a water repellent coating but if water stays on it for a long time then it can still happen that your table gets wet.  
Besides the fact that the lifespan of your picnic table increases when you are using a cover, it has other advantages: 
- Protection against leaves, bird droppings and dirt 
- You do don't have to clean your picnic table 
- After a downpour you take your cover off and you can immediately use the table again.  
Which cover is the right one for your picnic table? First make sure you measure your table correctly. It is not a problem when your cover is 20 to 3I cm larger than your table. It gets more difficult when it is too small of course.  

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