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Do you find the range of nightstands in general quit dull, and don’t feel like making your own? Take a look at our new addition in the Finn family! Our night stand locker cabinet Finn is made from metal, but is spray-painted in beautiful and soft pastel colours, just right for the ambience you would like to create in your bedroom! Due to its convenient size, this nightstand fits well in any bedroom. The items you want out of sight can be placed in the cabinet and that beautiful nightlight can be placed on top! The only thing you need to do now, is to pick a colour!

We have several beautiful pastel colours, which will look good in any bedroom. Do you like the nightstand a lot but not that keen on the colours? Then the black nightstand is ideal for you. Due to the combination of this modern model and the colour black, this nightstand will look beautiful in any bedroom!

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