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Metal garden fence

Garden fence accessories

To complete the picture

When you order a MaximaVida garden fence, don’t forget to add accessories and parts to your order! When you place a new garden fence, you will need posts, wall mounts and an assembly set. What you will need exactly, depends on your lay-out and choices of the garden fence and garden.

Below you will find everything you may need for placing your new garden fence!

Put together a complete garden fence with accessories

Would you like to put together a complete garden fence to demarcate your garden? In our web shop you can find several styles, sizes, colours and accessories. These are gates, large and small, but also posts and wall mounts. Very important to think about once you start designing your own garden fence!

You can do this following these 3 steps below:

1.     Choose your style, the height and colour of fence that has your preference;
2.     Calculate how much fencing you’ll need, including accessories, using our calculation tool;
3.     Order everything for your complete garden fence in our web shop.

Why would you choose for MaximaVida?

·       Made to measure;
·       Different styles, sizes and colours;
·       Hot-dip galvanised and coated;
·       Easily placed in any garden.

Ordering a garden fence with accessories

When you order your garden fence at MaximaVida, remember to also order your mounting set and other accessories straight away. Have you forgotten or do you not have enough? You can always re-order! The products will be delivered with one of the following carriers; DPD, Dachser or TSN-Groen. It is also possible to collect your order at out warehouse in Groenlo! Do you have questions or would you like some advice on how to put your fence together with the correct accessories? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.  

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