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Black 2-door locker cabinet Finn

Locker cabinet black

Practical and every interior style!

A nice and practical addition to your interior, that are our locker cabinets! You might know them from the old days at school, or perhaps you used them a lot at the train station? We have given those exact locker cabinets a new look and cannot be left out in your living room, bedroom or wherever in your home.   

Our black metal cabinets come in various models. For every need, we have the right model; from wardrobe to TV cabinet or display cabinet, there is always a cabinet that is suitable. Because they are finished in the colour black, our lockers will fit in any interior. The cabinets are very low-maintenance; thanks to the coated metal all you need to do is wipe a cloth over it quickly and the cabinet is clean. The higher cabinet legs make it easy to clean under the cabinet with the hoover. So are you looking for a practical cabinet that fits everywhere? Than our locker cabinets are perfect!

Looking for more cosiness?

At MaximaVida we like to be cosy! With good weather, we love to be outside and in the autumn we like to move in again. Spending an evening catching up with friends. Have a glass of wine, a couple of bites on the table, candles lit and sitting in front of the fireplace. Renewing our interior is then one of our favourite things to do; making our home cosy again. 

For the living room, we have added a few very nice coffee tables to our product range. A nice rug under the coffee table, a few candles on the table and you are ready for the autumn! 

Take a look at our side tables too, that obviously look good in your living room but can also be used somewhere else. How about in your hallway? Decorate your side table with some nice accessories and a few nice plants. Those pairs of shoes that are always there will suddenly look completely different.

As you probably already know, we love wood. The different table mentioned above are all made from wood too. It is a beautiful product of nature, but it is wise to gain some information on this material. For example, wood can vary in colour. Besides that, wood works. As a result of changes in humidity and/ or temperature, cracks may appear or it can bend slightly. We, and many of our customers, find the charm that wood has to offer. When this doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps it is better to choose a different material.  

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