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metal decorative frame Babs on folding picnic table berlin whitewash with decorations

Picnic table accessories

Everything to decorate your picnic table!

What else do you need when you purchase a picnic table? In essence, just a picnic table is enough but it might be a bit dull. Decorating the table brings ambience and makes the table look more cosy. How about some cushions? It makes your table more comfortable and it looks nicer immediately. MaximaVida has a wide range of cushions in different collars and with different patterns. It is therefore almost certain that there is something for you too. Add a beautiful matching parasol or a decorative frame and it looks completely different!

Is there rain forecasted in the evening? With a protective cover you can keep your picnic table dry and clean. When the sun is out the next morning, you can take the cover off and the picnic table can be used immediately. Will you use the protective cover over a longer period of time? Please read the product instructions on how to do this best.

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