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black metal garden fence

Garden gate

The right garden gate for your fencing

Are you planning in placing a fence around your garden? Then a sturdy and stylish gate cannot be left out. That is why at MaximaVida you will find a range with gates in different styles, sizes and colours. Our Utrecht fencing is green and has a traditional arch with French lily. Fence Lichtenvoorde looks a bit more modern in its black model. Always a suitable gate for your home and garden!

Will you order your gate today? The gates are available from stock, so when you order on time, you can add your gate to your garden in a couple of days!

A gate for every garden at MaximaVida

When you place a fence around your garden, you usually also want to place a gate. With a MaximaVida garden fence you get style, security and privacy in one. We offer several styles of metal garden fences and gates. Find out what the height and size of your garden gate should be and choose the style that suits your house, garden and fence.  Decide the colour of your gate based on your fence: will you prefer classical green or stately black?  

A double gate or a single gate

Depending on your garden, the measurements of your fence and the location, you either want to place a double gate or a single gate. Should the car be able to go through? Then a double gate is what you will need. Just want to be able to entre quickly or you don’t have space for a double gate? The a single gate is a better option. For a large garden, both kinds of gates aren’t a bad idea!  

The advantage of the MaximaVida gate

  • Mix and match your gate with your garden fence;
  • Several styles, sizes and colours;
  • Hot-dip galvanized and coated;
  • Child- and animal friendly;
  • Low-maintenance;
  • Easily placed in any garden.

Ordering and maintaining garden fences  

Will you order your gate, possibly with fencing, in our web shop? Then you can choose to have it delivered or collect from our warehouse. Items that we have in stock, can be in your garden the same week!

The gate does not need much maintenance; it will stay in good condition when you clean it twice a year with soapy water made of washing-up liquid and a clean cloth. Is your gate damaged? We recommend using either Hammerite or a lacquer marker in the colour of your gate.

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