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Garden benches from MaximaVida

Garden bench

Enjoy the sunshine!

Having a coffee in the morning sunshine or watching the sunset at the end of day, a garden bench is essential. MaximaVida has a large range of garden benches in various materials. What do you need to pay attention to when you are buying a garden bench? First of all; where are you planning to place the bench? Should the bench be in front of your house or garden? And how many people need to fit on it? A nice rule to keep in mind, is that you calculate approximately 50 cm per person per seat. So, a bench of 120 cm is suitable for 2 people and a bench of 150 cm is suitable for 3 people. Besides the length, we also advise you to take a good look at the seat height. When you are tall, a minimum seat height of 45 cm is very pleasant.

It is also good to think about the colour and the material. Will you choose a wooden or metal bench? And what colour would you prefer? A metal Max bench comes in several colours. We have some very cheerful colours, such as the colour cactus and the colour yellow ochre but also a few beautiful, less prominent colours. An advantage of metal, is that it does not need much maintenance.

What colours of garden benches are there?  

Once the spring kicks in, you wish to have as many happiness and colours in your garden. Everything is blossoming again, the sun is shining again and you have forgotten about the dark days a little while ago. How fun would it be to have a cheerfully coloured bench in your garden? A nice olive green colour that blends in nicely with the plants and flowers in bloom. A beautiful yellow ochre that matches the sunny days! Or would you prefer a rust brown metal bench instead, that combines well with the green plants of your garden? Do you dare to really stand out with colour? Take a look at the colour cactus.

Are you happy that spring has come around again, but are these colours a little too much for you? Perhaps the black or ivory Max bench is a good option for you. Its neutral colours look good in any garden.

A bench in your front garden?

A garden bench in your back garden is very nice, of course, but how about a garden bench in your front garden? Are you new in your neighbourhood, do you have new neighbours or have you been living in your house for a while but you have no idea who your neighbour is? Place a garden bench in your front garden. Enjoying a cup of coffee and watch what is happening in your neighbourhood, have a little chat with your neighbour that you actually never spoken to, or get to know your new neighbours. Besides the fact that it is just nice to talk to someone, it is also nice to have good relationships with your neighbours. Asking for a cup of sugar is just a little easier then!

You could go for a bench that can be moved easily, but also a permanent bench such as our new facade bench Jordaan. Below a few benefits of the facade bench;

  • It provides connection with the neighbourhood
  • Easily to fold up and down, so it will never sit in front of your window
  • Quick to assemble with the included stainless steel nuts and bolts.
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