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Wooden garden bench Amelie

Garden bench

Enjoying the sunshine together

Are you looking for a comfortable garden bench for that spot in front of your house, in your back garden or on your balcony? Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun or watch the sunset in the late afternoon, a garden bench is essential. Most ideal would be a garden bench that transforms the place where you put the bench into an oasis of comfort!

Because we also love comfort and cosiness, we have a huge variety of garden benches in our product range. Will you choose wood or metal? For bright colours or an inconspicuous colour for between your plants? And would it be a two persons bench, or do you want to be able to seat more people? We have it all, so take a look at our product range below!

Will you go for a wooden or a metal bench?

Where will you place your garden bench? What would its purpose be? And what is your style? All different considerations you will have to make before purchasing your garden bench. A wooden garden bench, such as our Adirondack bench, would blend in perfectly in a rural ambience, but a metal bench in your favourite colour instantly adds a cheerful element to your garden. A swing bench can only be placed under a canopy or a very strong tree. The folding façade bench in front of the house is perfect for houses in the city centre! Every situation has a bench to match.  

How many people would you like to seat on the bench? A set rule is that you may calculate 50 cm per seat. So, a bench of 120 cm is suitable for 2 people and a bench of 150 cm is suitable for 3 people. Besides length measurements, we also recommend to check the seat height. If you are tall, a seat height of 45 cm minimum is comfortable.

A garden bench from our Max range

All our furniture in the Max range are colourful, comfortable and are long-lasting thanks to the use of metal. They combine very well with other Max furniture. For example, choose a garden bench Max on one side of the table and complete the look with our Max XXL garden chairs. Or do you prefer a garden bench without backrest? Will you choose the colour green, grey, ivory, brown, yellow ochre or would you rather choose modern black? Garden bench Max is available in many different colours, so there is always a perfect match for you!

A bench in your front garden?

A garden bench will always look very nice in your back garden, but how about a garden bench in your front garden? Are you new in the neighbourhood for example, do you have new neighbours or have you been living in the same street for a couple of years but you have no clue who your neighbour is? Place a bench in you front garden or attach one to the façade of your house. Whilst you are enjoying your cup of coffee, you can see what is happening in your neighbourhood, you can have a little chitchat with your neighbour that you have never really spoken to, or you get to know your new neighbours. Besides that it is always nice to talk to someone every now and then, it is also important to have a good connection with your neighbours. Borrowing a cup of sugar is much easier than!

You could choose a movable bench, but also for a permanent bench like our façade bench Jordaan. Below you will find the benefits of the façade bench:

  • It will create connections in the neighbourhood
  • Easily folds up and down, so it is never in front of your window.
  • Quick to assemble with the stainless steel bolts and nuts that are provided.

The foldable picnic bench in your garden

You probably know them: the foldable picnic bench, essential at parties. Nowadays, it certainly doesn’t look out of place in your own garden either. It is the ideal garden bench to use when you get (unexpected) visitors, parties or when you have a smaller garden. Is it finished? Then you can fold your bench (and table) up and you easily store them again. Just how flexible is that?

In our product range you can find a variety of different kinds of foldable picnic benches, matching out other furniture!

MaximaVida’s garden benches

  • Available in many ranges and executions;
  • Foldable, very light or extra heavy;
  • The ideal addition to our garden tables;
  • For dining, parties and beautiful summer evenings;
  • Delivery in The Netherland, Belgium & Germany

Inspiration, maintenance and ordering a garden bench

Picking a garden bench? Easy at MaximaVida! Use the filters on our website and choose your perfect match for your garden, table and wishes. Do you need some inspiration? Go to our blogs that is filled with pictures of our products and maintenance tips. Have you found your bench but are you looking for a cushion? We have had cushions made for some of our garden benches.  

Have a look around, order your garden bench(es) and you can sit on your new garden bench in 3 to 6 working days.  

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if the item of my choice is in stock?

For each item, you will find the actual stock numbers on the product detail page to the right of the price.

The item that I would like to order is currently not in stock. Can I order or reserve it?

You can leave your e-mail address with the product of your choice and you will be notified automatically when it is back in stock! You will also see an indiaction of the expected delivery time under this entry field. So you know approximately when you can expect to hear from us. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order or reserve an item if it is out of stock.

Where can I find the dimensions of an item?

You can find the dimensions of our products on the bottom left of the product detail page under the tab Product features. Are you looking for the dimensions of the packaging? Then look under Extra Information under Delivery for the exact dimensions.

Can I also collect my order?

It is also possible to collect your order at our pick-up point in Groenlo. After you have placed your order through our webshop, you will receive an email from us once your order is ready for pick-up. Don’t forget to bring lashing straps, blankets and other materials to get you newly purchased items home without being damaged.

How do I know if my order will fit in my car?

You have chosen to collect your order from us in Groenlo. To be sure whether the item you ordered will fit in your car or whether you need to arrange a trailer, we have listed the dimensions and weight of the package in the "extra information" tab next to the product. So please check beforehand whether the box/boxes will fit to avoid disappointment.

Where can I find the assembly instructions of an article?

We have created assembly instructions for most items. You will find these at the bottom left of the product detail page under the Assembly Instructions tab. For some articles we have also made an assembly instruction video. You will find these under the same tab.

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