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MaximaVida metalen bank Max roestbruin 120 cm voor garagedeur Tuinbanken

Garden bench

Enjoy the sunshine!

Whether you want to enjoy a morning cup of coffee in the sun or watch the sunset at the end of the afternoon, a garden bench is a must-have. MaximaVida has a wide range of garden benches in several materials. What should you look for when buying a garden bench? First of all, there is the question of where you want to place the bench. Should the bench be placed in front of your house or in the garden? And how many people do you want to be able to sit on the garden bench?  A general rule is that you can assume about 50 cm per seat. So a 120 cm bench is suitable for 2 people and a 150 cm bench for 3 people. In addition to the length, we advise you to take a good look at the seat height. If you are a bit taller, a minimum seat height of 45 cm is very pleasant.

Which cushion will fit in your bench?

Yes, you have found your perfect garden bench! Which one did you choose? Is it a beautiful wooden garden bench, or did you go for the metal Max bench? With matching chairs in the same colour, you can complete the set. We also have a large collection of bench cushions to finish the look.

Garden bench cushions
A cushion for in your bench can not be missed when you would like to enjoy your bench to the fullest. We have several sizes available, for every bench a cushion to match;

- 120 cm suitable for 2 persons
- 140 cm suitable for 3 persons
- 150 cm suitable for 3 persons
- 180 cm suitable for 4 persons

Apart from sitting comfortably, you also want it to look good. We have plenty of choice. Are you looking for a neutral colour? Perhaps our bench cushion Antro would be best for you. In case you prefer something a little more colourful, then our Dotan or Rondo might be what you are looking for.

Our speciality
As a true garden lover, you probably already have an adirondack chair in your garden. We have had cushions made especially for this chair. It is a one piece cushion for both the seat as well as the backrest, and it can be fastened onto the chair using the attached strings. Because of these cushion, you can enjoy your chair even more!

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