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Ornamental fencing with traditional arch and French lily

Garden fence green 70 cm

70 cm high garden fence of green coated metal

Are you looking for a green coated metal garden fence? The green metal garden fence of MaximaVida are the stylish and safe addition to any garden. This green fence has a traditional arch with French lily, beautiful with a more classic house. When you have a large garden, or even a smaller garden with lots of corners; our garden fences can be put together yourself using different sizes panels and therefore it will always fit! On this page you can 70 cm high green garden fences.  

Calculate which green fences and accessories you need using our calculation tool. Discover our product range below and choose your favourite style.

Several styles of garden fencing in green coated metal

A sturdy, stylish and elegant garden fence can be found at MaximaVida. The green garden fence can be found in our web shop in the style ‘Utrecht’. Choose the style that suits you best, your house or your wishes. Perhaps it is not the classical green coated style Utrecht? Take a look at the most child-friendly version Lichtenvoorde in the colour black.  

Take a look at our product range, choose your favourite garden fence in the colour green or black and discover how many panels you need using our calculating tool. Are you looking for a 90 cm green garden fence? Click here!  

The advantage of a green metal garden fence

  • Stylish, timeless, durable;
  • Easy to combine with accessories and gates;
  • Made-to-measure;
  • Low-maintenance;
  • Several sizes;
  • Hot-dip galvanized and coated green;
  • Easy to place in any garden.  

Ordering and maintaining garden fences  

Would you like to order your fencing at MaximaVida? It is possible! When the fencing is in stock, it can be delivered quickly. You can also choose to pick your order up at our warehouse in Groenlo.

Have you placed your garden fence in your garden and would you like to keep it good for as long as possible? We recommend you to clean the fencing twice a year with some soapy water made with washing-up liquid and a clean cloth. Is there a scratch on your fence?   You can use either Hammerite or a green lacquer marker to cover it up.  

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