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plastic adirondack garden chair montreal white by a lake on a sunny day

Lounge chair

Dream away!

Leaning back, enjoying some warm rays of sunshine combined with a good book and a nice glass of wine. Sound perfect, right? With our Adirondack lounge chairs you can enjoy the beautiful weather to the max! The natural ergonomic shapes of the chair ensure a comfortable and relax posture, making you dream away. Would you like to complete the picture? Then a foot rest can’t be left out. Our mahogany wooden Adirondack chairs come in the natural mahogany colour, but also in black and white. When you are a true wood-lover, this chair is a real asset to your garden!

Would you prefer not to use wooden products? Then our polywood Adirondack chair is ideal. The same comfort and look as the mahogany wooden chair, but a lot less maintenance!

Another tip from us; for optimal comfort we recommend to order 1 of our chair cushions, specially made for the Adirondack chairs.

Maximise your enjoyment together with the MaximaVida Adirondack garden chair set!

Our Adirondack chairs are super comfortable lounge chairs for outdoor use. You will always sit comfortably! Do you want extra comfort, than we cannot do anything different then recommending the complete set. You can go over the day with the two of you whilst enjoying the sunset with a nice glass of wine! Lovely isnt it? Ending the day like this?

The set comes with 2 chairs, 2 foot stools and a side table. With the side table, you always have your book and your cup of coffee nearby, which is of course very handy. But with the footstool added, optimal enjoyment is guaranteed.

Garden chairs with footstool
Why is a footstool such a good addition to the chair? The ergonomic curves of the chair, continue into the footstool. As a result, the footstool fits smoothly with the chair and the ergonomics of the chair are extended by the footstool.

Do you have the chairs already, but would you like to add a footstool and side table? That is possible! All the products of the Adirondack range can be ordered separately. Take a look at our especially tailormade Adirondack seat cushions too. When you are talking about optimal comfort, the cushions are a musthave too.

Would you go for wood or plastic Adirondack chairs?

New in our product range are our plastic Adirondack chairs. It does not make any difference comfort wise, the plastic Adirondack chair is just as comfortable as the wooden Adirondack chair. When we talk about maintenance, it does make quite a difference. As a true wood lover, you know that you are dealing with a product of nature and that it needs maintenance. Does this not have your preference? Then perhaps take a look at the plastic Adirondack chairs.

Plastic Adirondack chair
The chair is made from HDPE plastic, the most used plastic in the world and truly is low-maintenance. And, another adventage, it is easy to recycle. How easy is the maintenance you wonder? Clean the Adirondack chair every now and then with HG plastic cleaner, that is all!

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