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MaximaVida Luxus picknicktafel met Yello picknicktafel kussens

Parasols and accessories

Complete the summer feeling!

The parasols from MaximaVida are available in 7 different colours and can be placed in nearly all our picnic tables. We have designed a special metal parasol holder which makes it easy to place your parasol in your picnic table. You simply screw it onto the wooden table top or wooden terrace boards. Using the parasol holder means you don’t have to carry around the heavy concrete parasol base and you can easily change the height of the parasol so you can sit in the shade all the time! The MaximaVida parasols are made with anti-UV fabric. To maintain your parasol it is wise to order a parasol cover too. The cover is provided with a rod which makes it easy to put the cover on and off the parasol. The following picnic tables have not been provided with an opening for the parasol; Jumbo, aluminium, polywood and the folding sets.

Keep decorating!

Spring or autumn, Christmas or Valentine's Day? All good reasons for you to change your interior to these occasions! A decoration frame for example, is then ideal. With the greatest of ease, you can create a whole new atmosphere at the dining table. Is it someone's birthday at home? In addition to a decorated chair, put the birthday boy or girl in the spotlight by festively dressing up the decoration frame. 
The decoration frames can also be used outdoors. With the greatest of ease, you attach them to your foldable picnic set. When you sit outside for a long time in the summer, you can hang some lights on the frame. Or what do you think about beautiful candlelight? You can hang it up in no time! But don't forget, you can hang anything on it; a few beautiful plants, nice lanterns or maybe just very practical and hang a wasp catcher!  

Do you love animals and would you like to have birds in the garden? Then you can create a nice feeding area for the winter. 

How do you use such a decorative frame, you may ask? Well, that is super simple. Do you have a table top with a top thickness between 2 and 8 cm and a maximum length of 250? Then you can use the decorative frame. You will receive 2 posts with a height of 90 cm. You screw these to your table top. You will also receive a crossbeam, which can be extended to 250 cm. Afraid that someone hurts his head on the protruding rod? No need to be! The ends are provided with a safe ball element. 

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