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MaximaVida lockerkast zwart 2 deuren keuken


Extra storage space!

Tidying has never been so much fun! MaximaVida has made a virtue of necessity and developed a whole new line of cabinets based on the old-fashioned locker cabinets. You might remember them from school or the train station? ? We have given those exact locker cabinets a new look which means they are a true asset to your living room.

We have 4 different models such as a dresser and a TV stand; a different variant for every storage challenge. We have these 4 models in metal and wooden version. The metal locker cabinets are available in different colours.

Tidying is fun!

Besides our beautiful locker cabinets, you will also find other unique storage items in our product range. How about our robust kitchen trolleys Sergio, for example. The table top is ideal for creating that little bit of extra working space in your kitchen, that your kitchen work bench misses. The shelves underneath are perfect to decorate with your kitchen utensils and some cook books. Do you need some inspiration for the styling? On our website you will find some gorgeous mood photos that you can find with the products!

Would you prefer using it outside whilst having your weekly barbecue with friends and family? For that we have developed our special outdoor model with a zinc work surface and wheels. The zinc surface makes it easy to clean and the wheels enables you to place the trolley in the spot you want it to be. Whether it is inside or outside.

The only thing you will have to keep in mind, is that this is a product made from wood. Our experience has shown that not everyone loves wood as much as we do. So, when you don’t like knots, differences in colour or a little wood tear, this work bench might not be suitable for you.

Another good option would be our wall rack Jamie, named after Jamie Oliver himself. How good would it be to have all your favourite cooking books withing reach. Our wall rack Jamie makes your kitchen look good and because of his practical shape, it doesn’t take up much space. But don’t be distracted by its name, wall rack Jamie also lends itself for photo albums, books or a few plants and it can be placed anywhere in the house. Be creative!

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