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Emerald green TV locker cabinet Finn


Make storage fun with our cabinets!

There was a time when a cabinet only had a functional purpose; storing your belongings. Nowadays, it is part of your interior. As a matter of fact, your cabinet can be a real eyecatcher that takes your interior to another level. This development is visible everywhere. Old wooden cabinets get refurbished and a new live in todays homes. Modern metal cabinets get added as a modern touch to the living room. An open cabinet is the perfect place to store things such as books, photo’s, jewellery, glasses or games.

At MaximaVida, we are grabbing these fun developments with both hands and are even adding our own from-old-to-new cabinet: the locker cabinet. We have given these locker cabinets a trendy new look, making them an essential part of your interior. We have developed several models such as a dresser and a TV- cabinet; for every storing challenge a different version and th cabinets come in various colours. Check all our cabinets below. Choose what suits your style and complete your interior!

Locker cabinets in all colours

Our Finn range consists of metal cabinets based on the old-fashioned locker cabinets. You know, the ones you used to see in school, that you used at the train station or at the gym. We have given those locker cabinets a new, brightly coloured look that makes them essential in your bedroom, living room, utility room and other rooms in your home. With several models, including the dresser, TH-cabinet, wardrobe and beside table, we have a solution for every storage challenge. Choose your favourite colour, your model and a suitable design. Start decorating!

Storage racks and wall racks for indoor use

Our product range has more to offer than locker cabinets. You will also find storage- and wall racks in different styles and materials on our website. A few wall racks can be used outside, but we mostly recommend keeping them dry and protected from the weather.

Let us introduce wall rack Jamie - obviously named after Jamie Oliver - perfect for in the kitchen, dining room or living room. This is the perfect cabinet to display your (cooking) books or magazines. Fun, practical and also suitable for smaller spaces. Be creative and show us how you have styled your wall rack!

Extra work surface with our kitchen trolley

And have you spotted our kitchen trolley Sergio yet? This bold, robust trolley comes with our without castors, so you can place in anywhere you desire. The surface is ideal to create some extra working space in your kitchen that you miss with your kitchen worktop. The shelves underneath allow you to decorate them beautifully with you kitchen appliances and cookbooks. One thing to keep in mind, is that this is a product made from wood. We have learned that not everyone is charmed by wood as much as we are. So, in case you a re not keen on knots, colour differences or a crack in wood, this work bench might not be the one for you. Do you need styling inspiration? You will find beautiful product photo’s with the products!

This is why you choose MaximaVida cabinets

• Choice of plenty of types, sizes and designs;
• Mix and match with other furniture;
• Perfect for indoor and outdoor use;
• Delivery with The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany.

Inspiration, maintenance and ordering.

Have you not been able to choose between the different cabinets? Or do you find it hard to imagine how the cabinet will look in your interior? Take a look at our inspiration-page or read the blogs to get inspired.

Found it? Amazing! Delivery takes 3 to 4 days on average, but you will find a time estimate with each product. Once it arrives, all you have to do is put the furniture together and you can start enjoying your item!

All our products come with detailed product information and care tips. For all products, there is a description of how you can easily keep them beautiful for as long as possible!

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if the item of my choice is in stock?

For each item, you will find the actual stock numbers on the product detail page to the right of the price.

The item that I would like to order is currently not in stock. Can I order or reserve it?

You can leave your e-mail address with the product of your choice and you will be notified automatically when it is back in stock! You will also see an indiaction of the expected delivery time under this entry field. So you know approximately when you can expect to hear from us. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order or reserve an item if it is out of stock.

Where can I find the dimensions of an item?

You can find the dimensions of our products on the bottom left of the product detail page under the tab Product features. Are you looking for the dimensions of the packaging? Then look under Extra Information under Delivery for the exact dimensions.

Can I also collect my order?

It is also possible to collect your order at our pick-up point in Groenlo. After you have placed your order through our webshop, you will receive an email from us once your order is ready for pick-up. Don’t forget to bring lashing straps, blankets and other materials to get you newly purchased items home without being damaged.

Where can I find the assembly instructions of an article?

We have created assembly instructions for most items. You will find these at the bottom left of the product detail page under the Assembly Instructions tab. For some articles we have also made an assembly instruction video. You will find these under the same tab.

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