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Wooden garden bench

A beautiful natural look in your garden!

After a long winter, the first rays of warm sunshine finally arrive again! Finally we can go outside again and we can start enjoying our lovely garden or balcony. To make sure you can enjoy your morning coffee in the sun, a comfortable wooden bench is an absolute must!

Our wooden garden benches have the advantage of matching with any garden thanks to their natural look. Whether you would go for a sturdy and robust look or rather a foldable Vilnius bench that can easily be placed anywhere you like, but can also be tidied away just as easy. We leave that choice up to you! It is good to know that we have custom-made cushions for many of our benches, so you can sit even more comfortable!

What kind of wooden garden benches are there?

At MaximaVida we have a very wide range of wooden garden benches. You can find a few classic garden benches which are not out of place in an classical English garden. In addition, we also have several foldable wooden garden benches. Our Riga picnic benches can be left outside permanently and because they are foldable, they can be moved easily. We also have our foldable Berlin range. These are a practical solution for when you suddenly have more guests then you thought you would have in the first place. You grab the bench from inside and your guests can sit down immediately. Have they left? Then you can fold your Berlin bench back up again and bring it inside.

Our personal favourite would be the wooden swing bench Jackson. But in all honesty, you do need to have or create a place you can hang it from, but once you have found it you have created a unique piece of garden.

Have you decided which bench would be perfect for your garden? Take a good look at the measurements of the bench and the place you want it to be. That way, you can be sure that your new classical garden bench will actually fit where you had it in mind.

Be creative! Use your wooden garden bench as a side table or plant table.

You can use a wooden garden bench to sit on of course, or if you would like something different than 4 chairs at your garden table you could choose for a wooden bench. Do you have a little space left in your garden but are you not sure how to fill it up? A wooden garden bench can be a good sollution. We think that garden bench Provence and our foldable garden bench Olivier are very suitable for this matter. They both have a beautiful wood look, that will look excellent between all your flowers and plants in your garden. You can also add some extra plants as decoration on top and around your garden bench.

Another option would be a wooden garden stool, a little smaller than a bench but can accommodate one person just fine. It can be used as decoration on that particular spot in your garden, but also as a side table for some extra bites or drinks. Handy right?! ;)

Do you like a lot a colour in your garden then our Curaçao stool in the colour pink or green might be a good option. Would you prefer more natural or modern colours? Then you could take a look at our black Riga stool, or the wooden stool Vilnius.

But please don’t let us stop you creating your own wooden garden bench. Refurbish that old garden bench and give him a new fresh colour or oil. This will make him look brand new again! Our Amelie bench is a nice option too. This bench is very pretty how it comes, but also lends itself perfectly to be painted in another colour.

How do you maintain your wooden garden bench?

Wood will turn into a beautiful grey colour and does not necessarily need maintenance. When you prefer your bench to maintain its colour, or when you want to refurbish your old bench, then you can follow these steps;

1. Rinse the wood
2. Treat your wooden bench with wood cleaner
3. Rinse the wood cleaner of the garden bench and let it dry
4. Appy the oil
Do you need a more detailed explanation on how to clean and refurbish your wooden bench? Then carry on reading here!

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