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MaximaVida teak houten tafel met zwarte metalen poten klein

Table legs

Create your own furniture!

Table legs come in all shapes and sizes. Do you remember the ones your grandparents used to have? A dark wooden table with those big table legs. It is a childhood memory, but now you are glad that trends change and that you can put your own twist on things. Do you like to tell a story you’re your furniture? Then take a look at our hairpin legs. These legs originate from the United States just after the second world war. They were designed to make garden furniture, but the design was picked up by the furniture industry worldwide.  We have the legs in different sizes and colours, perfect for under your dining table or to make your side table even more beautiful. Do you prefer an industrial look? Then our metal table legs New York are a perfect match. New are our industrial metal trestles, also a creative variant of the table legs. With these legs, you can transform an old wooden board into a beautiful table in no time.

Are you lacking space?

Do you know that feeling? Every time you have visitors, you are lacking table space. A small side table would help, but where do you put the table when everyone has left? And you don't really have a place to store the table. Then our table legs with clamp are ideal. In no time at all, you have put together a coffee table, side table, or whatever you want to call it. Add a wooden top and you're done. Don't have a table top lying around? Then order one together with your clamped table legs. Place the top against the wall and the legs in the cupboard and no one will notice that you had visitors. For the coffee table or side table, we have the table legs with a length of 46 cm.

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