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MaximaVida x Jac Salvino Glas

Our Chicago table frames are a project organisers favourite

Coffee table frames

That Jac Salvino Glas knows what the endless possibilities are with glass, is clear once again! They make fantastic doors, mirrors, banisters and also furniture. On their behalf, we have delivered no less than 20 different kinds and sizes coffee table frames. Mainly from our ‘Chicago’ range. With these decent and modern frames you have endless possibilities which shows; the result is worth it! And this is just a small sneak peak from the 20 frames they have ordered.

We have seen these coffee table frames with beautiful authentic tiles that where used as a table top, with a marble table top and now also with glass. The possibilities are endless. The Chicago frames are available in round and square sets of 2 pieces. We also have a beautiful rectangular coffee table frame in our Chicago range.

Unique with the MaximaVida coffee table frame Chicago is that it has a so called ‘sand texture coating’. This means that the frame is resistant to scratches! Take a look at our table frames and table legs by clicking here.

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MaximaVida round coffee table frame with glass table tops
MaximaVida square coffee table frame Chicago with glass table tops
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