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MaximaVida x The Splash

The interactive ‘outdoor swimming pool’ of Rotterdam!

Interactive meeting point

SAY WHAT?! An outdoor swimming pool? In the Heart of Rotterdam-South of the ‘Annie M.G. Schmidt square’, just before the start of the Eurovision song contest, a piece of art was launched in the shape of.. a swimming pool. Not a real one of course, but an artistic interpretation that is used as an interactive meeting place for people from Rotterdam and its visitors. The Splash, a cooperation between the Arttenders and the artist Cindy Bakker, is inspired on the natural appeal of paddling pools. In the spotlight are the beautiful blue picnic tables Curaçao of MaximaVida.

Coloured picnic tables at The Splash in Rotterdam
MaximaVida picnic table Curacao in the colour aqua blue
pijltje-klein-roze-downCreated with Sketch.