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MaximaVida teak set Sunda met terra kussens op stoel en bank

Cushions & Rugs

Cushions and rugs can be used anywhere, they make your house and garden cosier! With a few new cushions, your living room or sitting area in the garden immediately gets a different look. MaximaVida has an extensive range of cushions in various sizes, patterns and colours. We have chair cushions for our Max, Sunda and Delhi chairs, cushions for our Adirondack chairs, bench cushions for our garden benches and dining benches and custom-made picnic table cushions especially for us!

Our range of rugs is colour co-ordinated.  Ideal as an outdoor rug on your terrace, but can also be used as a picnic rug in the park. Besides outdoors, our rugs are also often used indoors, very handy in the children's room. Because of the recycled plastic that is used, they are easy to clean!

Make it even more cosy!

How nice would it be to extend your cosy indoors to your garden! A beautiful outdoor rug underneath your garden furniture and a few nice cushions in the chairs complete the look and gives it a warmer feel. In our product range you will find outdoor rugs in cheerful colours, but even if you prefer neutral tones, you will have plenty of choice.

Our rugs are available in 2 different sizes:
- 180 x 120 cm
- 270 x 180 cm

Both sizes are ideal to be used in the garden and with this simple change, your garden suddenly looks a whole lot different! But our rugs can also be used indoors, on your balcony or when you are on holiday in front of your tent.

Our green rug looks very beautiful in a garden full of plants and gives a natural look, while our orange rug gives it a colourful touch. Which one would you prefer?

The rugs can withstand almost all weather conditions and will not discolour or go mouldy quickly. Clean the rug occasionally with soapy water and you will enjoy it for a very long time!

Thanks to our wide range of picnic tables, garden benches and garden chairs, good cushion cannot be left out. As you would come to expect from us, we have different partners that really cheer up your picnic table and garden.

Do you prefer a modern look and is our aluminium picnic table Dex a better match for you? We also have a nice selection of plain picnic table cushions that go very well with this style. Many of the cushions are water-resistant, so when a drink accidentally gets spilled it can be rinsed off easily. When a shower is expected, it is wise to bring the cushions in!

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