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Our team

We would like to introduce ourselves

The MaximaVida team consists of enthusiastic colleagues with a passion for their work, each with their own qualities. We are ready to help you in our shop, to assist you on the phone or to deliver your purchase as soon as possible at your home. Below you will find a brief introduction of the complete MaximaVida team.

Get to know our team


Jeroen - Owner

The words driven, sharp and innovative are typical for Jeroen as an entrepreneur, but he is also a real bon vivant who likes to drink a good glass of wine at his own picnic table!


Suzanne - Owner

Suzanne is always busy with the complete picture; choosing the right fabrics and colours for our cushions, editing our photos for our web shop and the ads and the design of the showroom, everything has to be spot on.


Lisa - Finance

It immediately felt very familiar when Lisa joined our team, that is why Lisa  arranges everything that relates to our finances. Because she has lived in England and even met her husband there, she is the ideal person to translate our English website!


Jess - Sales support

Whilst doing his training period with us, we noticed that there is a true commercial talent hidden within Jess. This is the exact reason why we asked him to stay on. Besides the usual commercial tasks, Jess is also involved in our social media!


Chantal - Sales support

Chantal is full of energy and enthusiasm and this is how she tackles every customer service challenge as well. As a customer, you know you are in good hands!


Anne - Sales support

After completing a Marketing education, Anne is keen to develop further in the fields of customer service, (business) sales and marketing and for that she has found the perfect place here.


André - Logistics

André has many years of experience in retail, both in terms of warehouse and stock management and helping customers. So the ideal all-rounder to organise everything around logistics and order flow!


Michal - Intern

Michal attends Pronova, the school for practical education in Winterswijk. He is very interested in warehouse work and is therefore doing an internship in our warehouse two days a week. Here he learns all the tricks of the trade!


Kimberly - Parttime

Kimberly came to us last year for her practical training at Pronova. Meanwhile, she has successfully completed 2 internship periods and works part-time for us. Kim stands her ground in our warehouse team!


Lotje - Office diva

Lotje came to us as a stray cat and has been with us for nearly 18 years. With her quirky character, she keeps on intriguing us and she is a full member of our team!  

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