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Coloured picnic tables

Coloured picnic table

Fashionable eye-catchers for indoors and outdoors!

The colourful and cheerful Brazilians have turned outdoor living into a true art. And what is a better match with this lifestyle, than a picnic table to eat at, laugh at and talk at together with friends and family?! Our coloured metal picnic tables Brasil are real eye-catchers on your terrace. The tables are available in various trendy colours such as yellow ochre, olive green, orange and black. How about a yellow ochre picnic table to enjoy breakfast at with your children in the morning?

Because the tables are made of metal, they are also very suitable for use in the catering industry. Compared to aluminium, these metal tables are less likely to scratch and dent. Nowadays, picnic tables are being used as lunch tables more often in offices too. Can you picture yourself having lunch outside with your colleagues already?

Need to put an extra picnic table up quickly?

Your choice has been made and you have received your coloured picnic table. You are super happy and already thinking about extending it. You did adjust your requirements a little bit for your next purchase. You prefer something that can be moved easily, that can be tidied away easily and that you can take with you. Difficult, you think? Not at all! Our foldable picnic sets are perfect for this matter and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

The foldable picnic sets, or beer sets as they are being called as well, are available in various sizes and colours. We have the standard clear varnished set, we also have a black, an olive green and the Scandinavian whitewash colours. You can order the complete set, but you can also just order the table or benches. The parts are already assembled, so they are ready to use once you have received them. The benches especially, are a great hit for indoor use. A beautiful bench in your hallway or in the bedroom, add a beautiful plant and you are done.  

Are you planning a children’s party soon? Also than our sets are ideal. You fold them up easily thanks to the handy click system in the frame. An even bigger bonus? The table can be cleaned up in no time after it has been made into a mess, thanks to the lacquer coating. 

A little tip from us; tidy the set away after you have used it outside. The wood can warp and the layer of paint can crack due to the weather influences. By folding it up and storing it inside, you will prevent this from happening and you will enjoy your set for a long time!

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