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Wooden (outdoor) furniture

Pure nature!

At MaximaVida we have been selling wooden outdoor furniture for over 20 years and we remain absolute lovers of the environmentally friendly natural product WOOD!

Selling online

When you sell your products online, the moment of advising your customer regarding the typical characteristics of wood is missing. You often see beautiful pictures online which might create high expectations of a wooden product.  Every crack, tear, curvature or knot detracts from this perfect picture which often results in endless discussions and negative reviews.  
Due to the changing weather conditions (more often extreme weather conditions), outside furniture has more to endure. Materials that are low in maintenance can cope better with these changes than wood can.  This is why we see more (garden) furniture appearing that is made with these materials. These materials produce far more CO2 emissions than wood.

Testing the new furniture


Being true wood lovers, we think it would be a real shame not to use this beautiful product of nature. We do everything we can to deliver high quality wooden products!  By selecting the wood, dry them well and applying saw-cuts underneath thick wood, we try to prevent most of the not so nice features of wood.  

Advise before purchase

All our wooden products have detailed information to prevent disappointment after purchase. We have noticed that customers often buy a wooden product but expect the features of hard plastic.  
Below we have written a few comments that we receive regularly regarding the wooden (garden) furniture once the temperatures start to vary a lot;  

- ‘I do understand that wood works, but with my table it really isn’t normal’ 
- ‘My husband is a carpenter and he also says it is not normal’
- ‘For this kind of money this should not allow to happen’ 
- ‘My table has only been outside for 2 days and it is tearing already’ 
- ‘The window frames of my home also don’t crack?’  

Do you recognize yourself in one or perhaps more sayings? Perhaps it is a good idea to choose materials that are low in maintenance instead, such as aluminium, polywood or hard plastic. This kind of furniture can be cleaned easily with a bit of soapy water unlike wooden furniture that needs more care; oil, sanding down and paint.  

Employees are assessing the new furniture

Do you still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us when you have any more questions, despite all the information we have provided. The best place to answer your wood related questions is in our showroom whilst enjoying a cup of coffee! 

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