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Chair cushion antro on metal garden chair Max

Chair cushion

Extra comfort!

Nothing cosier than an evening of fine dining and catching up with family and friends! Our chair cushions fit perfectly on our Max garden chair and make you sit comfortably at the table. At the same time, you also add a bit of atmosphere to your terrace. At the back of the cushion are 2 ribbons with which you attach the cushions to the chair leg, so the cushion stays in place.

We also have a custom-made cushion in various colours for our adirondack chairs. Some of our cushions are water-repellent so very convenient to clean if someone accidentally drops a glass of drink. Uniquely, all our prints are available in different cushion models; as a chair cushion, bench cushion or picnic table cushion. So you can mix and match!

Sitting comfortably in your chair

Comfort is a high priority at MaximaVida, so we take this into account when designing our chairs. If you go for extra comfort, good outdoor cushions are essential. In terms of atmosphere, good cushions make your room even cosier and in terms of comfort they ensure you can enjoy it even more. We have a wide range of cushions in different colours and prints.

Why do our chair cushions make us so happy?

  • Tailor-made for our chairs;
  • 5 cm thick cushions for optimal seating comfort;
  • Create atmosphere, indoors and outdoors;
  • Possibility of attaching to the backrest;
  • Unique cushions: not available anywhere else.

Sitting comfortably on our Max chairs

Want to have breakfast, dinner or relax outside on our beautiful Max chairs? You will do so even more comfortably with a good cushion. Our chair cushions are ideal. You easily attach the cushion to the back of the chair and, thanks to the dimensions, these cushions fit almost any chair. All cushions feature a genuine MaximaVida print, so whether you use the cushions indoors or outdoors, it always looks cheerful and cosy.

Cushion line MaximaVida

At MaximaVida, we have a cushion line, with cheerful prints and colours. The line comes in colourful prints designed especially for MaximaVida. Cushion line MaximaVida comes in a variant for your garden chair, garden bench or picnic table. This cushion fits perfectly on our metal Max chair, which is available in several cheerful colours!

Tip: How about a little extra cheerfulness in your home? You can also use our cushions indoors. Then a beautifully coloured cushion will add cosiness and warmth to your home. And during your dinner party, everyone will be even more comfortable!

Maintenance of chair cushions

Some of the chair cushions are water-resistant. For all water-resistant seat cushions, this is indicated with the article. Do you accidentally spill a drink? Then you can easily clean it.

The chair cushions that are not water-resistant are best wiped with a slightly damp cloth using only water. It is not wise to rub, but dab. Got a stain in your seat cushion? You can often get it out by moistening a white towel with lukewarm water and placing it on the stain. As the towel dries, the stain will soak into the towel!

Do you have the chair cushions outside and are a heavy rain shower expected? Then it is wise to bring the chair cushions inside! The same goes for water-resistant chair cushions.

Tip: Never wash the cushion covers in the washing machine! The zip in the cushion cover is there to tighten it around the cushion filling. If you take the cushions out of the covers, it is almost impossible to get them back into the cover.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if the item of my choice is in stock?

For each item, you will find the actual stock numbers on the product detail page to the right of the price.

The item that I would like to order is currently not in stock. Can I order or reserve it?

You can leave your e-mail address with the product of your choice and you will be notified automatically when it is back in stock! You will also see an indiaction of the expected delivery time under this entry field. So you know approximately when you can expect to hear from us. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order or reserve an item if it is out of stock.

Where can I find the dimensions of an item?

You can find the dimensions of our products on the bottom left of the product detail page under the tab Product features. Are you looking for the dimensions of the packaging? Then look under Extra Information under Delivery for the exact dimensions.

Can I also collect my order?

It is also possible to collect your order at our pick-up point in Groenlo. After you have placed your order through our webshop, you will receive an email from us once your order is ready for pick-up. Don’t forget to bring lashing straps, blankets and other materials to get you newly purchased items home without being damaged.

How do I know if my order will fit in my car?

You have chosen to collect your order from us in Groenlo. To be sure whether the item you ordered will fit in your car or whether you need to arrange a trailer, we have listed the dimensions and weight of the package in the "extra information" tab next to the product. So please check beforehand whether the box/boxes will fit to avoid disappointment.

Where can I find the assembly instructions of an article?

We have created assembly instructions for most items. You will find these at the bottom left of the product detail page under the Assembly Instructions tab. For some articles we have also made an assembly instruction video. You will find these under the same tab.

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