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Terrace furnished with metal garden furniture Max

Metal garden furniture Max

Endless combinations!

Your garden, patio or balcony is an extension of your home and you naturally want to furnish that space with atmosphere. Then our metal garden furniture cannot be missing. What started with the development of our own metal garden chair Max has now developed into a complete line of garden furniture. Our Max family now consists of metal chairs, lounge chairs, tables, benches, side tables and stools in many different colours! Finally, we added a beautiful metal picnic table to this family, which is also available in ivory, black, orange, yellow ochre and olive green!

Robust, colourful garden furniture with soft round shapes and a modern look, those are the characteristics of our Max family. With all this garden furniture, you can combine endlessly and decorate your garden or terrace to your own taste! Enough cheerful colours to brighten up your garden or to decorate it very stylishly in one colour. Of course, you can order all Max furniture separately to create your own combination!

Metal picnic tables Max

The Max picnic table is available in yellow, orange, ivory, green and black. All these colours make it easy for you to find a variant that matches your interior, garden or restaurant. The table has an open entry for easy seating for everyone. An additional advantage: although the picnic table is made of hard metal, it has round shapes. This gives it a modern look, but above all means no sharp points to bump into. Terrace- and child-friendly, in other words. Prefer a wooden picnic table or a collapsible set? We have it all!

The advantages of a metal picnic table:

  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors
  • Different colours to choose from
  • Child-friendly thanks to rounded corners
  • Fixed and loose (3-piece) available
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for consumers and the catering industry

Metal garden set Max

Are you looking for a garden set for your balcony, terrace or garden? MaximaVida's metal garden sets do not look out of place anywhere thanks to the wide variety of colours and sizes. Do you opt for black or white, or go for cheerful yellow or blue? Go for a set with a small table and two chairs, or opt for a set with 4 chairs and expand your garden set with other Max furniture to seat up to 5 or 6 people? You can even put together your own set with all colours combined.

Our cheerful max sets really add to your garden. Both in terms of colour and comfort. The chairs have XXL in their name for a reason. The seat is extra wide and the back is extra high so you can sit comfortably.

Metal lounge chair Max

Like us, do you love relaxing in the evening sun with a snack and a drink? Then our XXL Max lounge chairs are perfect. The curves in the metal seat and back ensure maximum comfort. In addition, the backrest is extra slanted and the seat extra wide (58 cm) . All this makes for an active lounge seat, relaxing without having to put a lot of effort into getting up again. Our XXL Max lounge chairs are available in various fun colours. This way you can make your garden even cosier!

To finish it off, you can order a Max side table in the same colour, which you can also use as a footstool.

Tip: Our metal lounge chairs are easy to dismantle. Handy if you want to take them with you to your holiday home, boat or if you want to store them indoors during the winter. Want to fix your backrest permanently? This is easily done with tape or a drop of glue between both tube frames.

Metal garden chair Max XXL

Our Max garden chairs are colourful, comfortable and ideal for the home, garden and terrace. This chair deserves the XXL addition because of its extra-wide metal seat and extra-long backrest, together with its curves offering maximum comfort. Moreover, the chair is stackable and can be used in the garden and indoors. Green, grey, brown, yellow, orange, black or ivory, the Max chair is available in many colours. So cheer up any (outdoor) space!

Maintaining metal garden furniture

Metal garden furniture requires very little maintenance. All you need to do is regularly wipe the set with a soapy dishwasher detergent. Dirt, dust and aggressive substances then get less chance to attack the coating. And your metal garden furniture will continue to look great!

Of course, you want to keep such a cheerful set as the Max in your garden all year round. Nevertheless, we recommend covering the metal sets with a protective cover or storing them during the winter months. After you have taken them down, of course!

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