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luxureous wooden children's picnic table Curaçao yellow in the grass

Picnic table for children

hours of fun guaranteed!

There is nothing better for children than having a bite to eat and playing together. Perhaps consider a picnic table especially for children! MaximaVida has developed this table especially for the little ones and is smaller and lower than an adult picnic table, making is easier and more comfortable for children to sit at. We have two different models, a mini version of our luxurious wooden picnic table, and a coloured picnic table specially developed by us. You can choose from the colours white, green, orange and yellow.

How cool would it be to give your children their own space in the garden by giving them a picnic table next to your own wooden or aluminium picnic table?! Then they can play and eat together. Besides that, they also look stunning at an indoor play area. They even have their own storing space!

Wide range of children’s picnic tables

How cool would it be to give your children their own space in the garden by placing their own picnic table especially for them next to your wooden or aluminium picnic table?! At MaximaVida we have developed a wide range of picnic tables especially for the little ones. These picnic tables are not only fun and colourful, but they are also very practical. Whether you would choose for a wooden, or a coloured picnic table for children, our tables are perfect to play, eat or craft at. Our range contains two different models: a mini version of our luxurious wooden picnic table and a coloured picnic table designed by ourselves.

The advantages of a children's picnic table at MaximaVida:

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for children between the age of approximately 2 to 6 years
  • No hassle with separate benches and tables
  • Handy storage box under the table top of the coloured picnic table
  • Safely curved corners on table top and seats of wooden picnic tables
  • The wooden children's picnic table is impregnated against wood rot and moulds
  • Delivery in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Coloured picnic tables for children for indoor use

Have you ever thought about placing a coloured children’s picnic table in your house? As a practical decoration item in the nursery, for example? Our picnic table for children are available in several colours such as green, orange, yellow and white. So plenty of variety to choose a colour that fits well in your interior and it will be a nice place for kids to play at. The tables include some extra storage space so toys can easily be tidied away, that it is a small effort even for children :-)

Are the kids a bit older, or is the nursery getting a makeover? Then the picnic table can move to the playroom or it can still go outside. Children will have their own space outside to sit at too. During the summer, this table can be made into a sand- or water table for hours of fun! When you are planning to put water or sand in the table, it is wise to place a plastic box in the storage space of the table. When you don’t do this, the box will be empty in no-time as the sand will fall through the boards of the table.

These picnic tables for children are also a practical and fun addition at a day-care or preschool, not just at home!

Are you looking for a flexible solution?

Are you planning a children’s birthday party soon? Then our foldable picnic sets, or beer sets as they are also being called, are ideal. We have them in several sizes and colours. The standard clear varnish is one of them. In addition, we also have black, olive green and whitewash sets in our range. You can order the complete set, but it is also possible to order the bench or table separately. All parts have already been assembled, so upon receipt, the set is ready to use immediately. The sets are easy to clean and easy to fold and unfold thanks to the click system in the frame!

Make your children’s picnic table unique!

Our wooden children’s picnic table Tallin does not have a storage space as the coloured children’s picnic tables do have, but it does have a beautiful natural look that makes it look good in any garden. But how cool would it be to make this picnic table unique by giving it a nice colour or let the kids paint nice drawings on it. You create a super cute decorated kids' picnic table and you have a fun activity for the holidays!

Order your children’s picnic table now

Have you decided to give your children their own space with a children’s picnic table in the garden or nursery? When you order a children’s picnic table, you can choose to either pick it up at our shop in Groenlo, or have it delivered at your home. When you order the table on time and the table is in stock, it is possible to have it delivered at your home withing 2 to 3 working days! So your children can start enjoying their own picnic table pretty quickly!  

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