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MaximaVida beschermhoes tuinbank-klein Tuinmeubel Beschermhoezen

Garden furniture cover

Heavy-duty quality and well-priced!

Our new MaximaVida garden covers are made from 600 grams per m2 polyester fabric which has a water repellent coating. The garden covers have 4 metal rings on the bottom. The included nylon cords can be used for tightening the garden cover. The fabric polyester is flexible just like tent fabric; after use it can easily be folded up again. Make sure you leave enough room for ventilation when you cover your furniture up, this will prevent moisture- and mould formation under the cover!

Maintain your garden furniture well

When purchasing a new garden set, you will probably order a garden cover at the same time. Often the maintenance of garden furniture gets forgotten about. Perhaps you can think about how to maintain your new purchase and order it at the same time! A good example are our anti-moisture and anti-splinter sets who earned his perfect name; ‘Lift Your Feet’. Autumn can give us a lot of rain. Your picnic table is probably still outside, which is not a problem at all. But you have to make sure that the wooden table legs are not constantly standing in a puddle of water. This can cause the wood to rot. You can prevent this by using our Lift Your Feet. It is a small investment but it can extent the lifespan of you picnic table by quite some time.

Perhaps your eye fell on our Teak collection? This wood has not been treated with anything when it is being delivered, this means it will get a nice grey colour after a while. When you would like to maintain its beautiful colour, then you can order a can of hardwood maintenance oil at the same time. This allows the wood to retain its own colour.

Is it about time that your garden gets a little more colour? Perhaps you can pimp your picnic table with a lick of paint. We have a few new colours in our collection, which will give your picnic table a completely new look! Beneficial from this paint, is that it is especially designed for wood. The paint has a certain elasticity, which works well with the working of wood. Is DIY not your thing? We have obviously made sure that we sell already painted picnic tables too! The pot of paint is very handy for little touch-ups.

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