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Wooden picnic table with cushions

Picnic table

from budget to design!

Are you searching for a picnic table?! At MaximaVida you will always find the picnic table of your choice. MaximaVida is the largest provider of picnic tables of the Benelux. In our broad collection you can find all sorts of picnic tables; from foldable to modern design picnic tables. We have over 2000 picnic tables in stock. About 20 years ago, our company started in an old cow stable in Barlo (Gelderland) with selling just wooden picnic tables.

By now, our collection of picnic tables and accessories nowadays is so broad that we can call ourselves the largest supplier of picnic tables of the Benelux. Besides picnic tables, you can also find cushions, garden covers, parasols and decoration frames especially designed for picnic tables, which means you can decorate your picnic table just the way like!

Will you choose a wooden, metal or aluminium picnic table?

MaximaVida has a wide range of picnic tables in different sizes and models. From classic wooden picnic table to tables made from aluminium, metal and plastic. Every table has its own characteristics. In our blog you can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of every material. Besides that, every material has a different look. At MaximaVida, we are very fond of wood. The bold and robust look, the natural characteristics of wood that make each table unique.

We, and many others with us, think it is great. But unfortunately, those natural characteristics also have some disadvantages for some people. Cracks in the wood, for example. Or a knot that can fall out. Also very understandable, and therefor we have our extensive range of plastic and aluminium picnic tables. Ideal when you don’t like the natural characteristics of wood. Another advantage perhaps, is that these tables don’t need a lot of maintenance. So choose the table that suits your needs, your style and your space!

Why would you choose a MaximaVida picnic table?

  • Picnic tables for any occasion
  • Choice of many different kinds, sizes and models
  • Choice of several different accessories
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Delivery in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

A picnic table for any area!

There are picnic tables for:

  • Indoor and ourdoor use;
  • For children and adults;
  • For gardens and small balconies;
  • For modern gardens and classical gardens
  • Even some that are perfect for the playroom of the children.

The well-known picnic table for outdoor use can be bought in wood, metal, plastic and aluminium and is available in several colours. Strong, stylish, practical; the picnic table is a true asset of your garden. Perfect for saving space in a smaller garden or as an extra sitting area in a large garden. With parasol or without and even with a backrest!

At MaximaVida, we also have picnic tables especially for indoor use! The foldable picnic tables and benches are ideal for people or businesses that often receive guests for dinners, drinks or meetings. The tables are practical, modern and easy to store.

Are you looking for a nice addition to the nursery? Take a look at our coloured picnic tables especially for children. Very nice for outdoor use but also super handy for indoor use. These tables have the ideal measurements for children to sit at, and under the table top you can find a very handy storage box. The picnic tables for children come in 4 different, cheerful colours.

So, wherever you want your picnic table to be, we will have it for sure!

Ordering and maintaining a picnic table

Have you found the table of your choice? Order it online in our webshop quick and easy.

Are you curious which maintenance your picnic table needs before you order? Then be sure to read the product information and the additional information on the item of your choice, where you will find all the product specifications.

In case the picnic table is not in stock, you can see when it will be back in stock when you go to the item you wish to have. You can also leave your e-mail address here to be notified when the table is back in stock!

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