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MaximaVida luxe aluminium picknicktafel Dex 200 cm zwart buiten en binnen sfeer

Aluminum picnic table

Low-in-maintenance and light weight!

Your garden is ready for the summer, you have redesigned it and it looks fantastic. The only thing missing is a nice piece pf garden furniture where you can all sit together. Of course, it has to match the rest of your garden. That is when our aluminium picnic table comes in! Square or rectangular, with or without backrests, there are plenty of options! What they all have in common is a modern and sleek look.

The aluminium picnic table has more to it then just its looks. Besides its beautiful look, it is very easy to maintain. You can keep the table clean by regularly wiping it down with warm water and a cloth. Would you like the table to be in a different place? Because of its light weight, it is easily relocated.

Many different types of picnic tables

Enjoying a nice long dinner with a large group of friends, or how about a winter barbeque? All together on the veranda, with a nice and cosy fire in your outdoor fire pit, a bite to eat and something to drink and you have the perfect ingredients for a wonderful evening. To make your evening even more of a success, a practical and user friendly picnic table is just perfect.

You are probably familiar with the wooden picnic table. Beautiful picnic tables, but you have to love a product of nature. That is why we also have plastic picnic tables in our product range, in addition to our wooden picnic tables. Another name for these tables is Polywood. Polywood is a type of plastic with the appearance of wood, but the convenience of plastic.

Besides its ease of use, the table has many other advantages:
- Beautiful, natura land soft colours
- Light in weight
- Wear-resistant
- Resistant to corrosion
- Durable plastic (meaning it won’t crack or rot)
- Modern look

Honest as we are, we have to admit there is also one small disadvantage regarding this material. In different weather conditions the plastic may discolour and slightly warp. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the warping, but you can prevent discoloration for a large part by using a protective cover. Will you be using the cover for a long period of time? Please make sure there is a sufficient amount of ventilation under the cover. This allows air to get under the cover and prevents mould from growing.

The table is practical because it is easy to clean and besides that, it is also practical to set up. With the help of our assembly manual and a handy person in the area, your table will be up in no time. So are you looking for a picnic table with a modern appearance, then our Polywood picnic tables are a good choice for you!

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