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MaximaVida Luxus picknicktafel Yello picknicktafel kussens Hout

Wooden picnic table

The original picnic table!

The luxurious wooden picnic tables of MaximaVida are known in this industry for 20 years. Besides the extra wide table legs and crossbeams, our tables are known for its beautiful finish. Every wooden part of the tables have rounded corners and edges. Because we have used North European wood, the tables are also being called the Mercs of the picnic tables. Our deluxe wooden picnic tables have been given a hole for the parasol to go in, and on the inside they have deluxe dome nuts so you won’t hurt your legs. The picnic tables will be delivered in strong cardboard boxes which makes it easy for you to bring them to your back garden, balcony or roof terrace. The average time to assemble a rectangle picnic is 30 minutes, with two people. A square picnic table will take approximately 120 minutes.

A modern picnic table?

At MaximaVida we love picnic tables. Enjoying a breakfast with the whole family on them, having drinks, playing games - you name it! We have different types of picnic tables, of course the famous wooden picnic table, but our aluminium picnic table is also one of our favourites. Do you like robust and lively, then wood is perfect for you. If you go for modern then our aluminium picnic table is the table you must have.

What other advantages does our aluminium table have? Below we have listed a few for you:
- Easy maintenance. Cleaning the table regularly with lukewarm water is enough. By doing so, dirt won't get the change to attach to the table
- Light weight and delivered as a construction kit. Because of the frame around the table top and seats you don't have to worry about getting hurt by sharp corners.
- Would you like to sit even more comfortably? Then take a look at our cushions.
-Are you going for the square variant? Then you can also order backrests to make it even more comfortable.

When cleaning the aluminium picnic table, please use lukewarm water only. Coated aluminium cannot withstand aggressive cleaning products and if you consider using a high-pressure cleaner, you might damage the coating. A cloth with lukewarm water really is enough. 

New among our aluminium picnic tables is the MaximaVida foldable picnic set. Inspired by our own beer sets, we now also have the aluminium variant with polywood tabletop. A modern garden set that looks good on a terrace. The beauty of the polywood tops is that it is plastic with the appearance of wood. However, it is resistant to fungi, insects and does not splinter. Please note that polywood can discolour in the sun and warp slightly. For maintenance, we recommend regularly cleaning the set with HG plastic intensive cleaner.

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