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Wooden picnic table Tallinn

Wooden picnic table

The classic among picnic tables!

Do you like to feel cosy? Then a wooden picnic table can not be left out of your garden. Because of its beautiful robust look you create a bold but warm look at the same time. At MaximaVida you can find wooden picnic tables for any garden, for any terrace and any taste. How about our round or square picnic tables. You literally sit around the table making you able to talk to everyone. Are you looking for extra comfort? Choose the picnic table with a backrest.

Is your garden a bit smaller or do you just prefer a smaller picnic table? Then our Vilnius 120 cm is ideal. A little bit smaller than the average picnic table, but otherwise exactly the same. And?! This table also has the option for ordering additional backrests. The only side note on this beautiful natural product wood? Wood works and you really have to take this into account. Is this not something that has your preference? Then perhaps take a look at our aluminium, plastic or metal picnic table.

Which wooden picnic table would you choose?

When you think of a wooden picnic table, the first thing that probably comes to mind is comfort. It is made of wood, hard and does not have backrests. Or does it? At MaximaVida you can find several picnic tables of which (part of) the bench has a backrest. Take a look at our round wooden picnic table Tallinn for example. Even with complete, fixed seat! It is also possible to order seperate backrests to complete your picnic table. Do you really want comfort? Add some of our unique cushions that are developed especially for the seat of our picnic tables!  

The benefits of a wooden picnic table at MaximaVida:

  • Ideal for every terrace and any garden;
  • Choice of many types, sizes and designs;
  • Choice of different accessories;
  • Made out of Northern European spruce wood;
  • Delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

What do you have to keep in mind when purchasing a picnic table?

What do you have to keep in mind when purchasing a picnic table?

  • Think about where you want the picnic table to go and measure it out. This way, you will know exactly how large your picnic table can be.;
  • Decide how many people should be able to sit at the table and what the purpose of the table will be (work, eat, chat) and, based on that, decide what shape the table should have. Would you like the traditional rectangular picnic table or would you prefer a round picnic table? An advantage of a round picnic table, is that there is always room for 8 people. Besides that, you are a little closer together and it is easier to have a conversation with everyone at the table.;
  • Picnic table cushions will add cosiness and comfort.

How about a picnic table especially for children? MaximaVida has developed a picnic table especially for the little ones amongst us! As a result, children are comfortable too!

Maintaining a wooden picnic table

There are different types of wooden picnic tables. For all tables applies that wood is a natural product. One of the features of wood is that it works. The effects of rain, cold and warmth, can cause the wood to discolour and crack. Some love these characteristics, while others prefer to have a sleek and flawless table. Rather not a natural product? Then take a look at our plastic, aluminium or metal sets.

You don’t necessarily need to maintain wood, as it will turn into a beautiful grey colour. This is a natural process which you eventually can’t stop. Delaying it, is possible though by cleaning your wooden picnic table properly twice a year and treating it with oil. Read all our tips for maintaining your wooden picnic table here!

How to prepare my wooden picnic table for Autumn?

You don’t necessarily need to do much for that. It can stay outside all winter. Just make sure that it won’t stand in wet grass during the autumn and winter period. By the time spring is around the corner, you can clean the table and treat it with oil so the table will look nice again. Do you prefer to protect your picnic table against all types of weather? Here are some handy tips on how to do that!

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