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Wall rack

Full of fun!

As you know, at MaximaVida we like to have fun and good food is a part of that. You put the most delicious dishes on the table when you cook for your friends. Inspired by the cook books of Jamie Oliver, we came up with the name of our wall rack. All your favourite cook books are within reach on our wall rack in your kitchen which results in delicious dishes on the table.

Of course, the possibilities are endless with our wall rack and it can be placed anywhere in your house. Use it as a book rack, plant rack, photo wall or whatever you like. One thing you can be sure of; you will bring a lot of ambience in your home!

Nice and tidy!

Our wall racks are super handy and especially nice to put pictures on or some books that you like. But you probably also have plenty of products in your home that you would like to have on display after you have used them. Then our locker cabinets are ideal. They come in the beautiful colours you have come to expect from us and they are easy to assemble.

A good example is our locker cabinet with drawers. This cabinet can be placed anywhere in your home. In the hallway under the coat rack, a perfect place for your gloves and scarves during the winter. In the nursery to store the baby clothes, but also in the living room this locker cabinet would not look out of place. As well as having plenty of storage space, the cabinet is also great to decorate. Something that actually applies to all of our locker cabinets.

Our locker cabinets are our only exception to this. The name says it all; this cabinet is ideal to store or hang your cloths in. But we would not be MaximaVida if we didn’t encourage you as much as possible to apply your own style to our products. So have you used one of our locker cabinets in a completely different way? Let us know by using #mymaximavida when you post a photo on your social media channel.

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