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MaximaVida bank en stoel kussen Dotan Eethoek

Dining area

Have a good time together!

The dining area, probably the most important area in your home! You want to show your own taste and personality here. Besides that it needs to be comfortable too; a space in which you go through the day with your family, or where you spend a long time chatting with your friends after a nice dinner. The same goes for outside, there you also want to spend your summer evenings with your family and friends. Ideal about our dining tables, is that they can be used both indoors as outdoors and secondly, you can choose whether you prefer to use chairs or benches to sit on. Would you prefer using chairs? We have quite a few in our product range! We have a large range of dining chairs that look fab with our dining tables. We have created a few sets for you, but of course you can also combine the chairs however you like. How about a beautiful oak wooden table with coloured Max chairs? Dining benches are ideal for your dining area too, especially when you are lacking space. The bench is closer to the table leaving more space and you can fit more people on it than officially stated.


Sitting outside for a long period of time on a lovely comfortable chair. It is actually a pity that these beautiful chairs cannot be taken inside. After all, they are outdoor chairs, right? But being as creative as we are, we will, with the autumn approaching, move from outside to inside. Our Max chairs can also be used as in indoor dining chair perfectly fine. Our Max chair is available in 7 different colours, so there must be a chair that appeals to you.  

Another advantage is that the Max chair is stackable. Do you have enough dining chairs but could you use some extra chairs in case you have people coming around? Even then out Max chair is very handy, because it is stackable. In no time at all you can take the chairs out and tidy them away again when you don’t need them anymore. Besides that, everyone can sit comfortably on this chair thanks to the extra wide seat and extra high backrest. Add a nice cushion and your guests are super comfy!   

One of our favourites is our rattan chair Delhi. A beautiful rattan chair in beautiful natural colours. Because of the natural colours, the chair can be used in every interior. You can use the chair as an eyecatcher in your bedroom or hallway. The advantage of the Delhi chair is that they have been made in such a way that they can also be used as dining chairs. The seat height of 45 cm and the extra high backrest of 88 cm make sure that you can sit extra comfortably. The chair comes with a water-repellent black cushion. 

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