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Garden furniture maintenance

Wood is maintenance!

Garden furniture suffers a lot in the cold Dutch weather. Therefore it is very likely that your garden furniture will corrode. This means that the wood can crack when the sun is out and it can start showing little black dots when it is moist or wet for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about this which is actually Mother Nature’s charm. You can decide to use oil on your garden furniture to protect your garden furniture by a certain extent. When applying oil onto your wooden garden furniture, the wood will be less damaged by rain and humidity. With our wood cleaner you can freshen up your garden furniture and clear away any bird droppings. Please know that it is necessary to use oil or paint on your garden furniture after cleaning your furniture with wood cleaner.

Is a garden cover useful?

The summer is over, all your outdoor stuff will go back inside again and you're going to prepare your garden for autumn and winter. Your garden set is not something that you can bring inside easily and that is when the garden cover comes in!

We are proud of our garden covers! We have had these produced ourselves based on the wishes we received from our customers. What is so special about our garden covers? Our protective covers, made of polyester, are 4 times thicker than normal and have a water-repellent coating. Despite the fact that they are 4 times thicker than normal, they are very flexible and easy to fold and tidy up.

What you don't want, is to discover that the weather has gotten into your garden cover due to condensatione, once you take the cover off. That's why it's important to ensure ventilation under the garden cover. For example, place a piece of wood in the middle of your table top. This keeps the air circulating and will prevent the formation of mould, among other things, and keeps your garden furniture in good condition.

Afraid that the autumn wind will blow underneath your garden cover and you'll have to run after it? We've thought of that too: there are metal rings at the bottom of the cover and black cords are included. With these you can attach the cover to your set. Of course it's good for the ventilation when the wind gets under it, so don't close the cover completely but leave some space.

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