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MaximaVida tuinset Provence 170 cm 4 stoelen veldboeket

Maintenance products

Wood or plastic?

Outdoor furniture has to suffer quite a bit in our climate. MaximaVida has therefore arranged a number of maintenance products.

Wooden outdoor furniture needs maintenance. Your wood can start to crack when the sun shines on it, or it can start showing black spots when it is damp constantly. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this which is also the charm of Mother Nature. To offer some protection, you can oil the wood. By applying oil to the wood, rainwater and moisture will have less chance to damage the wood. With our wood cleaner you can freshen up your outdoor furniture and get rid of bird droppings and green algae. After using the wood cleaner, you always apply a layer of oil or paint!

Do you prefer ease? Perhaps one of our aluminium or plastic picnic tables is a better option! Or what about our plastic Adirondack chairs? An advantage of using these materials is that they require little maintenance. Cleaning this furniture can be done regularly with lukewarm water and a cloth. Please bear in mind that outdoor furniture is always subjected to the weather, therefore it is always a good idea to store your furniture inside in the autumn and winter, or to use a protective cover!

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